Retro Tech: Robots
Dogecoin: Explained
What Happened to OnePlus?
Jacob Strain
Jacob Strain 14 小时 前
Ayyyyy love to we junder!! Great surprise for this episode.
Jani Laine
Jani Laine 14 小时 前
Maybe robota like bunch of worms should be next try. Semi-sentient 1cmx1cmx15cm robots working together by coiling to each others could look like humanoid, but then reshape it selfs to other tasks.
tal ion
tal ion 14 小时 前
What did you and Scott share this?
Shady 14 小时 前
Virtual reality and teleportation are two very different things🤦‍♂️
Izzygetgwuap 14 小时 前
what happens if u lean too far down tho
Adstral 14 小时 前
I dont know how i feel about that wheel
Vivek 14 小时 前
These episodes are boring
国士无双人物传奇 14 小时 前
robot:give me a gun please!
Yannick Olivier Orounla
Yannick Olivier Orounla 14 小时 前
Best roast ever 😂. You can pick flowers, but apparently,you have trouble picking answers. you are wrong
John Lynch
John Lynch 14 小时 前
If the cost of the S is close to the cost of EQS I'm taking the electric car. I bought my 1st EV two years ago. I have 2 Teslas and can't even imagine what it's like to put gas in a car today. I reserved the $69k Lucid so Mercedes is still above my price range but I do like the car and your reviews are awesome.
Munx 14 小时 前
Now I haven't used this tablet (yet) but I think the Lenovo Chromebook duet is basically what the Google pixel slate should have been
VoskCoin 14 小时 前
I got mine with the help of braintech_202__ on IG After paying shipping fee...
Z 14 小时 前
To answer your question at the end of the video? Gas version. I currently own an S Class year 2000 but it's a diesel, can't just jump to an electric one without trying the gasoline one 😂
k power performance
k power performance 14 小时 前
Well after today I think this video definitely didn’t age well lol
Ryley Boutilier
Ryley Boutilier 14 小时 前
Just a worning mkbhd there is a CNpost channel called Dope or Nope from Hi5 studios
Norse At Heart
Norse At Heart 14 小时 前
I see I am not the only one that uses my cupholder to put lenses in :P
Steve K
Steve K 14 小时 前
Fantastic series
Stefan 14 小时 前
what a video quality 😳
Kalle Sipilä
Kalle Sipilä 14 小时 前
Jelly bean with the dark blue theme is still the prettiest looking theme there ever has been
Alex McCaffrey
Alex McCaffrey 14 小时 前
Almost 40 years later we're still using those remote batteries though.
Shamblez 14 小时 前
Surprised you didnt mention personal VTOL's
Roshan N
Roshan N 14 小时 前
19:43 marques sounds like robot, good edit
Krisztián Kiss
Krisztián Kiss 14 小时 前
"Correct framerate"?? Unsubbed
Doctor Bonez
Doctor Bonez 14 小时 前
Love this series good job MKBHD.
Armando Broncas
Armando Broncas 14 小时 前
You're videos put LG out of business
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder 14 小时 前
the worst Nintendo ever made
Z 14 小时 前
Hey M, u gonna buy it or what? 😂
Sosua Events
Sosua Events 14 小时 前
What`s the cost?
Chubs 14 小时 前
can you do rc cars pls pls pls pls pls pls
Brando Commando
Brando Commando 14 小时 前
Wow, this has got to be one of the most professional made videos I have ever watched. You sir have my support
A K 14 小时 前
1:48 there is a dead squirrel on the floor that someone has run over
Ehab Eltamimi
Ehab Eltamimi 14 小时 前
Gas powered AMG S Class all day any day !
Mwape Samala
Mwape Samala 15 小时 前
Rip jibo
Antonio 15 小时 前
Loomo: I cannot find you, please stand in front of, there you are, I found you, I cannot find you. Damnit Loomo! Best... Robot... Ever!
The Truth
The Truth 15 小时 前
Nice take on how people view robots. Android servants/companions are a bit of a sci-fi movie cliche now which we have been captivated by for decades. Although we haven't cracked full AI yet we're getting pretty good at simulating it and we have the technology to create humanoid robots or are very close anyway. The prohibitive cost is probably the only thing stopping every house from having one. My Deebot vacuum is ok but I really should've splashed out more and got the one with mapping as it keeps getting lost.
Volts PC
Volts PC 15 小时 前
iPhone 12 Pro has plenty of gaming ability so I’m good
johnny dough
johnny dough 15 小时 前
Amir Mahmoud
Amir Mahmoud 15 小时 前
Where is ASIMO? Where is atlas and spot mini?
Volts PC
Volts PC 15 小时 前
Pub G mobile is very easy to win, don’t kid yourself
Hao Huang
Hao Huang 15 小时 前
He won because his opponents were all bots!
Semper Anticus
Semper Anticus 15 小时 前
Oh so now he professes to be a car expert and reviews them now. Why are Americans so pretentious and hypocritical?
Dominic DeVivo
Dominic DeVivo 15 小时 前
A great solution would be magnetic roads but it would be extremely expensive
TwinTurbo Ray
TwinTurbo Ray 15 小时 前
I remember hating that sharp edge on my 4S and 5S. It was horrible. It felt like it cut straight into the cartilage of my ears after having a phone call. Why the hell would they do that design choice again? Do iPhone people don't make phonecalls?
Brandon Legacy
Brandon Legacy 15 小时 前
Why doesnt he use flash?
Kasino Marxs
Kasino Marxs 15 小时 前
That battery drainage is a big deal. I'll stick to my Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Christopher Reese
Christopher Reese 15 小时 前
Volts PC
Volts PC 15 小时 前
The USB-C spec can do up to 100 W, why do you have to plug two cables in
Oketoke 15 小时 前
Im very happy with my 12 Pro, the Max is just to big for me and the Pro‘s battery life is good enough so Idc about the larger battery of the Max.
Car Parking Multiplayer
Car Parking Multiplayer 15 小时 前
I’d buy that hoverboard! Why isn’t it on sale yet? What’s it called???
Mohammad Ahmed
Mohammad Ahmed 15 小时 前
Yeah i thats what i want.. Very informative video... Thanks youtube
The Realm God
The Realm God 15 小时 前
I’m always test car and try experiment on my car to see if I can make a flying car🤩. “I won’t stop believe it.”
pablo Hernandez
pablo Hernandez 15 小时 前
remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you 🙏❤.
Dominik Palusz
Dominik Palusz 15 小时 前
this thing would shred some psp games
Devansh Raval
Devansh Raval 15 小时 前
Craig: I just go into (muffled voice) jiggle mode
Jani Laine
Jani Laine 15 小时 前
Teleportation... Meaby not possible, but would you clone you self like to another planet if possible? And how about if that clone would clone it self back to you by meaning of transporting information.
tommoex 15 小时 前
I'm surprised theres no feature of asimo, considering that surely is the most famous humanoid robot out there.
wolf fang
wolf fang 15 小时 前
Abduvaqqos Tojiddinov
Abduvaqqos Tojiddinov 15 小时 前
EQS electric for sure
Errold Tumaque
Errold Tumaque 15 小时 前
super interesting history I had the G5. It was dope but crashed a lot
Junkertun 15 小时 前
"Flying cars" but he just talked about hover boards the whole video 🤨🤨
Wesley Soalheiro
Wesley Soalheiro 15 小时 前
Marques, love you brother. Probably my most watched channel by a fair margin. But you gotta do one for your international community. Use the metrics system. You don't even need to talk. Just add a little graphic together with the american system. It will go a long way for us not to miss information. Thanks. Peace!
league of legands
league of legands 15 小时 前
this just shows you that people like iphone better
PoPcorn_Colonel 15 小时 前
This series makes me want to unsubscribe from you. Why is it plastered all over my recommend? I love the rest of your content.
dEb X
dEb X 15 小时 前
Diego Teliz
Diego Teliz 15 小时 前
"You're wrong! You're wrong! You can pick flowers, but apparently you have troubles picking answers" That robot was savage 😂
Fire Fibre
Fire Fibre 15 小时 前
Even tho this is old it is still good to watch
cFreeze 15 小时 前
Doug DeMuro would be eager to review this car!
Origama koie
Origama koie 15 小时 前
"It's not invasive to our homes" Roomba proceeds to run over the cat in a brutal massacre.
Allthesmoke392 15 小时 前
If not sounding how you look was a person
Gustav Ganziri
Gustav Ganziri 15 小时 前
Cause Huawei Phones are better and Cheaper!
Antwan Hampton
Antwan Hampton 15 小时 前
Mercedes is a collaboration away from great software. Tesla, however, is a 100 years behind in making luxury interiors.
Chris T.
Chris T. 15 小时 前
Do you have the new 2021 phones yet?
Speed Wiz
Speed Wiz 15 小时 前
What a joy watch a video and heard specs in meters! It´s so usefull for us outside USA
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos 15 小时 前
The closest real hoverboard that uses the same concept as the hoverboard in Back To The Future, that I've seen at least, is probably the one made by Hacksmith Industries. Their own was pretty cool.
Jesse Hattabaugh
Jesse Hattabaugh 15 小时 前
KNEX squad represent!
Colm Magner
Colm Magner 15 小时 前
“Ear Tip Fit”. There’s a sucker born every day. Other reviewers: “Sometimes it works and sometimes not.” Exactly. Because it’s a gimmick. Good Lord.
Moqo Yamses
Moqo Yamses 15 小时 前
Video didn’t look at electric vtol outside of the hoverboard at the end...would have thought he would have touched on the Lilium jet at least
Noel Dennan
Noel Dennan 15 小时 前
Never had a rob but the nes was my first game console
Brian Schaff
Brian Schaff 15 小时 前
Fun fact, Samsung made a smart watch back in 2013.
Counterfeit 15 小时 前
What episode is this?