ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Review: The Most Ridiculous Custom!

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Marques Brownlee

个月 前

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Edition is ridiculous and unnecessary and very fun.
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Phone provided by Asus for review.

Renan Rambo
Renan Rambo 小时 前
Finally a massive gaming phone with a decent enough camera! The older version should have just skipped the camera part altogether!
Gideon pablo mrbeast
Gideon pablo mrbeast 3 小时 前
so u don't love it, give me it for 20 dollars. lmao... but i'm srs
Angelo Dulay
Angelo Dulay 5 小时 前
pubg mobile and cod mobile also maybe wildrift, gensin impact
Wait did you just rickroll us😮1:11
lol lol
lol lol 18 小时 前
Do these people not have a 4th birthday as well? How ridiculous.
wily231 天 前
Where do you buy this phone. I been looking everywhere that's not amazon and couldn't figure it out.
ABC 天 前
Could you please do a review of ROG Phone 5 Pro?
Visun Tandel
Visun Tandel 2 天 前
What else does a man need in dee phone 😌
Jona Ralte14
Jona Ralte14 2 天 前
That phone is lit
shaurya priyam
shaurya priyam 2 天 前
But i will still prefer Lenovo legion duel 2
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells 3 天 前
I like the phone but that a phone for me
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells 3 天 前
This phone looks lit
Harsh. K
Harsh. K 3 天 前
Has 18GB Ram * plays Amogus * I cry in disappointment, Bruh, i would play Genshin Impact, Monster Hunter stories , Black Desert Mobile, Minecraft with Shaders and texture packs on max chunk load, all these games on max resolution and yet, this dude plays Among Us
LobbY BoyS
LobbY BoyS 4 天 前
nastymiming 5 天 前
Just buy a switch instead.. this is junk.. give it a year and its nothing
Yousef Alsammarraie
Yousef Alsammarraie 5 天 前
damn this is already a month old ??? i honestly forgot what happened a month ago xD
Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee
Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee 5 天 前
I care about camera in the phone will this me good option ?
Firas Bajjar
Firas Bajjar 3 天 前
Nope compared to flagships its kinda bad because big players like Samsung,Apple,Oneplus,Xiaomi have some huge sensors and very developed software to take advantage of it. ASUS is still pretty behind on that.
Krishna Kalaskar
Krishna Kalaskar 5 天 前
Who is here after scout ?
LucasMJX :]
LucasMJX :] 6 天 前
Can We All Just Agree That He Rickrolled Us In A Smart Way?
M. A.
M. A. 6 天 前
High specs on android is like makeup on an ugly girl. Not worth it. The software just isn't there.
NAN Gaming
NAN Gaming 6 天 前
The processor is also connected to the camera right
marcus ayers
marcus ayers 6 天 前
hemanth kag
hemanth kag 6 天 前
This phone might be useful not only for gamers but content creators, Because you can connect accessories with it. Only waiting for the softwares.
Victor QuyUy
Victor QuyUy 6 天 前
the bad news about the screen is so let down :(
Jinas Kalooparambil
Jinas Kalooparambil 6 天 前
9:31 "Acting like a notification LED on steroids" 😂😂
Jeremy Delgado
Jeremy Delgado 6 天 前
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Samuel 6 天 前
I'm the type to go all out... Can't wait to get rich though...
Lord_Falcon 7 天 前
Smh my man just Rick rolled us🥲
Serbian347 7 天 前
It's a ROG Phablet Portable Game Console !!!!!
Andrew Wolfenstein
Andrew Wolfenstein 7 天 前
I wanna buy this phone not to do gaming but so I can keep it for 8 to 10 years. I'm tired of having to buy a new phone every 2 or 3 years because it got slow from OS upgrades
Firas Bajjar
Firas Bajjar 3 天 前
Yeah about that....ASUS got the worst quality control of any phone company at this price range. Is their quality control gonna be different for this one? I don't know there are no reports yet but based on their previous ROG phone 3 complaints (black crush on screen because of the inferior OLED panel and that panel dying out too quickly in 1-2years and some serious problems with their software) and based on my experience with them as a customer (bought a laptop that cost me a fortune and instead realized while the hardware is awesome it has some serious catches, worst support ever they barely respond and even if they respond they are useless and their service centers are no exception even tho they are "authorized" they are just cheap contracted ones, you can keep coming back with the thing again and again and they'll never fix it, god its like they never made the thing in first place!) and of course the terrible quality control. I wish it was just my luck but you can just google about it and see many horror stories about their quality control and service centers. Every company has quality control problems but what matters is that its not serious and you have great support to assist the customer who had a bad apple. ASUS has nothing for that, they only dodge your issues.
Mani G
Mani G 7 天 前
what game was he playing at 11:11 ?
venoxity- -25
venoxity- -25 7 天 前
In chinese 4 sounds like dead in chinese
AmericanStoner 7 天 前
So the real question...ROG5 or Lenovo Legion Duel 2
Pubg Kr
Pubg Kr 7 天 前
In INDIA the ULTIMATE edition is just for 900 💶 which is a big advantage for me.
Stig 8 天 前
Compare with lenovo legion pls
orochi ᴄʜʀɪs
orochi ᴄʜʀɪs 8 天 前
I wish i can buy that phone someday
Muhammet 8 天 前
the first phone brought back the 3.5 mm jack was sony
DINESH 8 天 前
14:55 ya, but it is never gonna come true
Dawid 8 天 前
I live the idea of the screen at the back of the phone for customization. It can be a very low res black and white screen, but it's such a nice feature.
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 8 天 前
My very old LG flipphone has a small rear screen that shows a clock or boot animation by default.
Don Juan
Don Juan 8 天 前
_Wow I heard of this “gamer” phone but turned my head other way, didn't think it'd have this many well performing specs_
Sparkalaz 9 天 前
It has more ram then my pc
Allen Young
Allen Young 9 天 前
YES I AM....i want...will get.
Seth Diener
Seth Diener 9 天 前
If the ROG phone 5 had water resistance It would be the best phone by far
Vic 9 天 前
MKBHD you should try Genshin Impact to test gaming performance in future videos :D
saxenapawan 9 天 前
No offense but i think you should wait for jerry to do his durability test then put your review cause all of this review went to shit after jerry took it apart.
ileOz Gaming YT
ileOz Gaming YT 9 天 前
He thinking about his own phone all the time🤣🤣🤣
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 10 天 前
I love ur reviews man thanks
Tashreeq 10 天 前
This would be the ultimate phone for call or duty mobile.
Macho Gp
Macho Gp 10 天 前
Where do u order it at?
Carlos Cartagena
Carlos Cartagena 10 天 前
Aye c'mon I thought you said u were going to make 21x9 videos going forward
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch 10 天 前
I’m waiting for the Asus ROG Phone 6, I want that 4K display babeh also I love the Asus logo on the back, big and RGB!❤️
Mahesh Chander
Mahesh Chander 10 天 前
pls compare with samsung s20 fe 5g snapdragon..
THE CUBE 10 天 前
bruh this phone is for people who wanna escape the friendzone
⊛ ℝⱺˢℍɐℕ ℳⵁⴽⅇℽ ⊛
⊛ ℝⱺˢℍɐℕ ℳⵁⴽⅇℽ ⊛ 10 天 前
Apple would take eternity to give this amount of features 😂
chaz benstone
chaz benstone 11 天 前
4:20 thats a lucky lobby
Zun Nizar
Zun Nizar 11 天 前
I was not valid review cuz no gaming test
mykcal scott
mykcal scott 11 天 前
And no real gaming review of a gaming phone?
Bhagwant Singh
Bhagwant Singh 11 天 前
I loved to take lots of pictures and record videos, will you suggest to purchase this phone? BTW I am impressed with the power and customization provided by the phone which I will not get in premium range phones. ROG Phone 5 will be high range for me so I might purchase ROG 3
lobo 624
lobo 624 11 天 前
Going to to get rog 5 16 gb compare of huge price of pro and ultmite 18 gb
Daitari Dalei
Daitari Dalei 11 天 前
Real pubg phone God jab ASUS
Gstrang420 11 天 前
$1,900 Canadian not too bad for a handheld computer
dagapista rola
dagapista rola 12 天 前
Don't buy this phone, please check the detail Pubg mobile review of rog phone ( fps drop, heating issue) in YT: TRB WARRIOR
Rafsaan Mahmud Rafi
Rafsaan Mahmud Rafi 12 天 前
is there any black colour vertion available for this phone
No ID 12 天 前
I'm still rocking the original ROG phone. Was thinking maybe an upgrade, but not at $1,500, mine was $1,100 when I got it and was the most pricy phone I got. No thanks
Andre Howard
Andre Howard 12 天 前
It's a breath of fresh air instead of Apple and Samsung making tiny little upgrades and trying to shove "new" phones at us every 12 months. Give me progress like this all day!!!
Glenn Thoughts
Glenn Thoughts 13 天 前
If I want to game, imma play on ps5 or switch. But still an awesome phone gonna be awesome on cod mobile I think
Mohamed Reza
Mohamed Reza 13 天 前
What's the music called at 0:09?
logan jon
logan jon 13 天 前
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K I L L A BRO 13 天 前
welll well
Axea 13 天 前
Look, I only shoot a photo once in a week, but maybe there's a people who shoot tons of photos and value the difference between 8 bits and 10 bits, but I'm not one of these
MediaCastleX 13 天 前
Five words: Xbox Game Pass 😎💖🎮
sumanth s
sumanth s 13 天 前
Any heating issues with this game 6:58? 🤣
Mr.holywood 14 天 前
I have the S21 Ultra. The 512gb model which is $1400 has 16GB OF RAM SO CLOSE. MKBHD
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 14 天 前
I Am Groot
MR Dish
MR Dish 14 天 前
I really like the phone but i cannot afford it
Point Silver
Point Silver 14 天 前
Awsome phone
Megueil Phillips
Megueil Phillips 14 天 前
Why aren't you playing big games in your review?🤕😅
Jonathan Pimentel
Jonathan Pimentel 14 天 前
Bypass Charging is actually a smart extra feature for a mobile phone.
Aral Aras
Aral Aras 15 天 前
Pointless phone. Gaming on phone _ What gaming ? Mobile call of duty :D:D.
For Sub
For Sub 15 天 前
For Sub
For Sub 15 天 前
Rate bro
Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh 15 天 前
For gamer dorks
Adam Goebel
Adam Goebel 15 天 前
I personally feel devices like these are specifically geared towards total tech headaches that LOVE and are absolutely fascinated by all the specs, and work that goes into the phone.... people who enjoy having nice phoned that handle games well and just look and feel great are happy with s21 series...but phones like the ROG phone are for those who get a big smile on their face from all the numbers.
wookie1000 15 天 前
1. You were wrong, I had zero interest in this phone, but I do enjoy all your videos that’s why I watched all the way 2. I feel like there’s really no game on the phone that calls for a phone like this. Maybe I don’t know much about games on phones but the only one I can think of is COD mobile which is nice when there’s nothing else there, but the Xbox version is 10x better. So I don’t know how many people really wanna have a gaming phone with a reduced selection of games that they can probably get on an Xbox or switch
costas achilleos
costas achilleos 15 天 前
Shame on you. I love how everyone only focused on you missing the 3.5 jack seeing a return by Sony but you also missed another feature that yet again Sony. I know most CNpostrs don't focus on Sony products at all but at least you should do some research. Charging and bypassing the battery was introduced with the Xperia 5 ii. Yet another feature that gets copied but CNpostrs never give credit to the right manufacturers. This video will stay up by the man quoted by manufacturers when he is just straight up lying. Using a OnePlus for 2 years so no, not a fanboy. Just stating facts
fclp67 16 天 前
I'm still wondering why the hell does he have a floating spinning dad sandal in his studio lmao
MrDragonJT 16 天 前
Check ROG 5 Durability Test by JerryRigEverything... it completely breaks on bending with fingers 😠
Andrew Sorge
Andrew Sorge 16 天 前
Does this work for Visible? Can I get one now living in the US?
Gabe Victoria
Gabe Victoria 16 天 前
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Rahul Medepalli
Rahul Medepalli 16 天 前
That name forming intro was -________-
symbiote sith
symbiote sith 16 天 前
this is my new phone bro... badassery...
Shubhendu Pandey
Shubhendu Pandey 16 天 前
That some part of Asia is China
Noel Cordero Pérez
Noel Cordero Pérez 17 天 前
Is that phone for sale?
Joe Mari Boyoc
Joe Mari Boyoc 17 天 前
Uttam Darji
Uttam Darji 17 天 前
5:18 We had this in older feature phones. You could just remove the battery and plug in the charger and the phone would work just fine
A Goose
A Goose 17 天 前
“4 is an unlucky number” somebody has been watching Jojo part 5
Matt McKasty
Matt McKasty 17 天 前
Asus is still completely silent about their "March" release date. I wonder what kind of issues the phone is having that's causing them to not want to talk about when it's coming out and why it's being pushed back.
Andrea Xu
Andrea Xu 17 天 前
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RezidentZombie 17 天 前
Seemed like the fingerprint scanner worked pretty good to me. Lol how much faster could it be?
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