Porsche Taycan Turbo: I Almost Switched! [Auto Focus Ep 6]

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Marques Brownlee

6 个月 前

Porsche Taycan is an incredible electric sports car. It just needs 1 more thing to get me to switch from Tesla.
Shoutout to Maurice from Porsche of Englewood: mmanente@townmotors.com
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brberis 11 小时 前
It sounds like a subway.
DBM 13 小时 前
This guy is awesome. Well done Marques!
Stefan 15 小时 前
what a video quality 😳
pablo Hernandez
pablo Hernandez 18 小时 前
remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you all 💘🙏
neverMine 18 小时 前
what about self-driving?
Nasser Abbassi
Nasser Abbassi 天 前
The build quality of german cars are amazing, it's just result of my over 10 years experience with cars.
D Mac
D Mac 天 前
Here is the deal, come back in 3 years and see if the interior is holding up . I had a BMW 750LI, in 3 years parts and seats started fading.
Sandeep Samare
Sandeep Samare 天 前
Please pronounce Porsche as 'Porsch-uhh not 'Porsch'
Sandeep Samare
Sandeep Samare 天 前
Dude I hate it when so many say 'Porsche' wrong. And I have seen so many other youtubers too pronounce it wrong. I'm so glad MKBHD pronounced it correctly.
Richard Little
Richard Little 天 前
Best Taycan review on CNpost. Thanks.
kerolos wadea
kerolos wadea 2 天 前
Sell out
Lauryen P
Lauryen P 2 天 前
I have the Taycan 4S and I love it! No, the battery doesn't compare to Tesla but it's okay, it's a Porsche :-)
Walter 2 天 前
VoyT 2 天 前
I would take the Taycan even if it had to drop on my head ;D ...and than rig-up a supercharger at home - let us know next time you're at that dealer?
better world
better world 2 天 前
I need autopilot. so I will pick tesla. plus, supercharger network is a must.
Nikhil Shah
Nikhil Shah 2 天 前
Most assuredly not intentional but 11:38 look at the temperature. Nice
Javier Trevino
Javier Trevino 2 天 前
I know I love Porsche in general; However, the "Ignorant American" in me wants to justify buying the Tesla because it's "Made in America".
Hello 1814
Hello 1814 3 天 前
Great job covering the Porsche!
gsm 1392
gsm 1392 3 天 前
Hi, bro, I will have a question on my head. I realized that the roof strength of the electric vehicles is very good in Euro Ncap. The roof of the Porsche Taycan was not affected at all, something great from the pole test was very impressive. The reason for this is the battery under the vehicle, the ceiling strength of the electric cars is good. Does it have anything to do with the battery under the vehicle
mubeen abdul
mubeen abdul 3 天 前
It's got a nice metal knob 🤣
Scott Harris
Scott Harris 3 天 前
Great review. To answer your questions: Taycan. Remember Porsche is about performance and driving, not range. The fact that you can do launch mode (the only feature that you left out of your review) over and over again without the car needing to go into "protection mode" is incredible. The Electrify America network is growing rapidly (backed by the largest car company in the world) and the 800v J1772 is becoming the industry standard. The ability to charge from 0-80% in about 20 minutes (versus maybe 35 with Tesla Supercharger) is the most equivalent to pulling up to the gas pump that exists today.
A21stcf Star
A21stcf Star 3 天 前
Ah! You betrayed a Tesla!
LegacyMotive 4 天 前
I absolutely HATE electric cars, but Porsche, they have done it right. This is the ONLY EV I like. As a HUGE car guy that loves the beauty of the Roaring Gasoline Engines, it’s safe to say that I respect a company with so much history to make a car that I don’t like look good to me.
aggiewoodie 4 天 前
Ultimately, I think traditional manufacturers aren’t interested in using the Supercharger network because they don’t want to lend credibility to Tesla.
aggiewoodie 4 天 前
Beautiful, well-built car but the charging network and range are still significant issues.
Alexandru Stefanescu
Alexandru Stefanescu 5 天 前
Tesla got awesome technology and it s unique but in my humble opinion it stands no chance against Porsche's quality. Never!
Jerrime R
Jerrime R 5 天 前
Muneeb Ahmed
Muneeb Ahmed 6 天 前
Ill take tge taucan all day
Erik Högberg
Erik Högberg 7 天 前
Ezgi Ezgi
Ezgi Ezgi 9 天 前
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Sabar Imam
Sabar Imam 10 天 前
Tesla is no where near the superior Porsche
Roderick Shephard
Roderick Shephard 10 天 前
can i have both?
cyigen85 12 天 前
tesla is a toyota, porsche is a porsche man..
Wallahi Wr3
Wallahi Wr3 13 天 前
Great video... but now u have to review the Audi rs
Ebba Rappenecker
Ebba Rappenecker 15 天 前
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Keri Moss
Keri Moss 16 天 前
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Ezgi Ezgi
Ezgi Ezgi 16 天 前
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Juha-Matti Mayranpaa
Juha-Matti Mayranpaa 17 天 前
I would most definitely buy this car for myself over Tesla.. if i only had money for it :D
Thomas Foster-De Oro
Thomas Foster-De Oro 17 天 前
I would take the Porsche Taycan 10/10!!! 🔥😁🤙🏽
sweatyraty 17 天 前
I dont know bro, the pitch was very bad. You can do better. And now back to the real world without a Porsche Taycan ;)
bengaltiger96 18 天 前
Thank you for not being a douche like Mr. JWW.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 19 天 前
Seem like fairly equal cars to me. One performing slightly better, the other one with nice features. I don't need the features to be honest.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 19 天 前
Tesla. Support for the crazy one.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 19 天 前
Did this guy buy the car or does he get it to make a review? That's crazy anyhow. Edit: Watched till the end, got the answer.
Caleb Turner
Caleb Turner 19 天 前
How he is awesome at showcasing tech
ericyister 19 天 前
Taycan! is that even a question? Even with interior redesign for 2021, Model S is in serious need of drastic exterior redesign as it looks pretty like it did "WAY BACK" in 2012.
Alan Teh
Alan Teh 20 天 前
For me, smaller range isn’t much of an issue because I barely cover 200 miles in a week on a normal home-work commute. As a daily driver, I’d rather have the Porsche because I know that I can also enjoy taking it out on weekends for a Sunday morning drive. And I find that “Electric Sport Sound” to be really cool and the interior is miles ahead of the Tesla.
Muhammad Saeed Paracha
Muhammad Saeed Paracha 20 天 前
A long range on Taycan would instantly change that for me. I'm from Pakistan where there isn't any charging infrastructure at all. Plus Self Driving please
jorisson 21 天 前
The Frog
DreasCornelias 21 天 前
is it just me or does the Tesla still look better in the inside
C2 Soul
C2 Soul 21 天 前
I still choose Tesla Model S because rear seat more spacious. But i choose manual GT3, GT4, & 718 Spyder over any Supercars
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 22 天 前
The interior is a hunk of junk
mrlightblue 22 天 前
If I had a choice I’d def chose the Tesla
Erol C
Erol C 23 天 前
I will take the Porsche Taycan thank you....
Paul Syng
Paul Syng 23 天 前
Rick 23 天 前
2300kg for 80kg of human (most of the time), this is not what we need right now... beautiful car though!
Tony Darosa
Tony Darosa 23 天 前
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Richard Ray
Richard Ray 24 天 前
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Lucas pablo
Lucas pablo 24 天 前
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Kirby benson
Kirby benson 24 天 前
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Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang 24 天 前
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Indside the Cockpit
Indside the Cockpit 25 天 前
3:20 It’s a European car. ....and a Porsche..😉 We just want more, and not plastic...
MrKnifeart 25 天 前
I don't want a clock on the top I think it should be lower.
S Davydenko
S Davydenko 26 天 前
well. now I do want a Porsche. A normal one, not electric)
Alan Thomas Williamson
Alan Thomas Williamson 26 天 前
"dumb plassid knob" - there is something about it being a nice Knob.... PMSL :-D
Navneet Vikash Saw
Navneet Vikash Saw 27 天 前
I would take that Taycan with or without supercharging.
Awuah Israel
Awuah Israel 27 天 前
Taycan rules
Mary Moore
Mary Moore 27 天 前
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TireDcdz 28 天 前
Engelbart Andringa
Engelbart Andringa 29 天 前
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Dustin Keiser
Dustin Keiser 29 天 前
Way better driver than the smoking tire guy
Innocent Phiri
Innocent Phiri 个月 前
I would definitely get the Taycan.... no discussions on that 😹
Hyman Schoolman
Hyman Schoolman 个月 前
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Chistian Friis Johansen
Chistian Friis Johansen 个月 前
Taycan for sure!
James Yang
James Yang 个月 前
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Gurjit Singh Jhutti
Gurjit Singh Jhutti 个月 前
Porsche Taycan
Thomas Rojan
Thomas Rojan 个月 前
peter zwegat
peter zwegat 个月 前
Nikks B
Nikks B 个月 前
Moamen Mohamad
Moamen Mohamad 个月 前
There are currently exactly 14,000 comments... I am here to make that 14,001.
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 个月 前
MKB Can't wait to see what is next.And yes it's the little things that do count.Deb👌💯✌
JoeyandLindsay 个月 前
What was that building that you were driving by the whole time? Besides an Amazon fulfillment center that I've seen, that was enormous
William Peters
William Peters 个月 前
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Jithin Jose
Jithin Jose 个月 前
Why these cars can't have a 20$ fingerprint sensor for profile selection?
Jithin Jose
Jithin Jose 20 天 前
@Attila Fenyvesi intresting question, first reliability of finger print reader, I have one in my phone and does not remember it failing, it works 99% of the time🔥, rest 1% need more trys. Just y experiance. Adding button have couple of problems which i think is matters, 1. Users have to remember which profile switch belongs to them, that is not a problem if it was finger print. 2. No of profile is limited to number of buttons. Sometimes number of buttons might be an overkill. 3. Finger print IDs the user, it means, touch finger print, which generate id, using that id load details from internet, should be usefull choice for connected world. Of course can be enhanced with 2fa and optional sharing. Just sharing my few thoughts from my limited knowledge.
Attila Fenyvesi
Attila Fenyvesi 20 天 前
What’s the difference between you put your finger on a fingerprint reader and you put your finger on a button, rather than the former one more error prone? And BTW they can recognize different keys and you can pair different driver profiles to them. And you don’t even need to touch anything.
Stevie P
Stevie P 个月 前
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Boyan Novakov
Boyan Novakov 个月 前
Asking why doesn't Porsche use a Tesla charge port/standard is like asking why doesn't Samsung use an Apple lightning port. The US is not globally representative - both Europe and Asia (Japan as an exception) use the mennekes charging standard and Tesla itself makes their cars with these plugs. So why does Tesla keep using their own standard in the US (just follow the global standard) and doesn't just let everyone use their network (even when the plug is the same they don't let any car chatge, has to be a tesla... believe me, I tried 😔). Welcome to the USB-C controversy, EV-edition.
Matthew Hensley
Matthew Hensley 个月 前
I don’t think Porsche makes a vehicle with turbo in the name that actually has a turbo
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 个月 前
8:59 da schaut er ein deutsches vid lol
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 个月 前
You lost me at “vegan leather”. It’s not leather. Call it something else. Smfh.
Attila Fenyvesi
Attila Fenyvesi 20 天 前
@Descooo No! It’s called PU leather, just the snowflakes sticked this name to it because the “plastic seat” (it is) doesn’t sound that good. Specially when someone trying to meme how environmentally conscious he is.
Descooo 个月 前
That is what it is called
Sagar Chakraborty
Sagar Chakraborty 个月 前
Porsce 5000 times
mohammed Jahan
mohammed Jahan 个月 前
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mohammed Jahan
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Daniel Marian
Daniel Marian 个月 前
I'd take the e-Tron GT
Famille Hanakir
Famille Hanakir 个月 前
Man you are the Best one in CNpost
Ekene Richard
Ekene Richard 个月 前
Remedy Remedy
Remedy Remedy 个月 前
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Jeff Fadness
Jeff Fadness 个月 前
Sold me. Can't stand those headlights though. They clash so badly with the cars beautiful lines.
Benito Talu
Benito Talu 个月 前
DID YOU KNOW: Even though Tesla Model S had more horsepower the Taycan Destroyed The Tesla Watch the carwow drag race!
Straight Busta
Straight Busta 3 天 前
Tayacan has 2 gears. Also coz German engineering beats shoddy cheap American Engineering
No Name
No Name 个月 前
You Tesla traitor
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