Why Did LG Phones Really Die?

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Marques Brownlee

10 天 前

RIP LG Smartphones 🪦
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Innovzilla info
Innovzilla info 4 分钟 前
it because of people like you 'hater' and iphone goons that LG and many more companies are shutting down
Jim Rasch
Jim Rasch 2 小时 前
The G2 is in my personal phones hall of fame.
Alex F.
Alex F. 2 小时 前
More Sony coverage so we don't lose them as well.
noname 2 小时 前
I think big part of why g3 did so well was because it looked great! The look was very memorable.
Saša B.
Saša B. 2 小时 前
I'm stil (and probably always will) loving my LG G6 ❤
Gamma Life
Gamma Life 3 小时 前
I had an Optimus 3D
Freddie Slaughter
Freddie Slaughter 3 小时 前
Samsung and Apple are what most people want, not LG anyway.
Sh8erNK 3 小时 前
Watching it on LG Velvet 😒
MDK 4 小时 前
I still have a G3 eheheheh
ardas 5 小时 前
Sony next.
Tanmay Chaubal
Tanmay Chaubal 5 小时 前
Would you mind reviewing the Oneplus watch.! Some people are waiting for your review to be up here. Thanks in advance.
Дайнити 5 小时 前
Hello from Russia!
americanswan 5 小时 前
I had a great LG V20. Loved the phone. Hated searching for batteries IN SEOUL!!!!! So I never wanted another one.
Christopher Grandison
Christopher Grandison 6 小时 前
As a proud former LG V10 and V20 owner, LG fell behind when they didn't improve the basic features that people have come to expect from a phone: a great display and camera quality. Audio, though; I loved the dac.
DogCatCow Chicken
DogCatCow Chicken 7 小时 前
I had the LG G2 flex paid $800 for it 😂 at the time I didn't see myself going anywhere else besides LG now in 2021 Pixel 5 can't wait for the Pixel 6 GS code name White Castle
Edwin Sparda
Edwin Sparda 7 小时 前
The G2 and G4 were awesome. Somewhere I'm sure Samsung was taking notes.
Justin Won
Justin Won 8 小时 前
idk about now, but LG used to be one of the main suppliers for Apple's iPhone like cameras.
Aseel Nazir
Aseel Nazir 8 小时 前
My first android smart phone was an LG phone
Sum Teng Wong
Sum Teng Wong 8 小时 前
LG phones are very underrated, I like buying the flagship v series but I wait a few months until it's value drops super hard! Just sad to see them stop making phones, they create very unique phones. RIP LG
Little Blue
Little Blue 9 小时 前
It all begins when they Put their Production Plants in China.🤣 Want to exploite the Labor Power of China? Or their Intellectual Properties got exploited by China through Theft & Force Transfer🤣😂 Opps Sony Mobile🕯💀 One down, two to go! Apple😫 Samsung😫 LG💀 Sony💀
Asif Khan
Asif Khan 9 小时 前
Because they’re getting into the auto business 😂
Straight Flexing
Straight Flexing 10 小时 前
He looked at the camera and knew he’s being watched from a 12 pro max
Difference Engine (DE)
Difference Engine (DE) 10 小时 前
MKBHD, so nonchalantly says it's too bad that we're losing LG. The other phone makers DO NOT have anything substantially innovative. Foldable screen phone from Samsung? What the heck does it do for me except turn into a mini tablet and become unwieldy. Wrap around display from that Chinese maker? That is even more useless to me. The LG wing was definitely quite useful and LG should have been given proper promotion. MKBHD, you always complain about smartphones having lack of innovation. Now let me see which smartphone will bring you any real innovation any more. Most of them are derivative or just Apple sheep. This is just plainly sad and a huge blow to the industry.
o_o 10 小时 前
2021: Life *_Was_* Good
Lasan A
Lasan A 11 小时 前
Legendary unboxer hopefully I can come to this level one day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Benjamin Affatato
Benjamin Affatato 12 小时 前
This video makes me want to re-subscribe to you again.. Great work and your review is on point of this brand. RIP LG!!
szewei1985 12 小时 前
First HTC now LG. Rest in pieces Comrade. Vastadanya.
Leo Heo
Leo Heo 12 小时 前
My father is working for LG so I grew up using all the LG phones. Frankly, LG acknowledge all the points made out by Marques, ofc. It's just the company culture is highly inefficient and decisions were made by stubborn, old fashioned leaders. After the success of G3, they had the chance to compete against Samsung, but somehow they made the worst mistake twice; retro themed with leather built in case G4 and the one-timer module phone G5 as Marques mentioned. G6 was a fairly moderate attempt to seek for a redemption and V30 was personally, "okay" but after that... LG went down the slope.
Thomas Re
Thomas Re 12 小时 前
LG g7 thinq is my favorite phone, quad dac, good screen, fits in one hand so well with a 6 inch screen! Not sure what to update too, after it dies..
kevin hall
kevin hall 12 小时 前
Booo :(
HiPlains1 13 小时 前
MB, you are a big reason for LG"s failure. YT channels trashed LG for years (even their good phones) because it was more profitable to do so on their channels. You can't deny this fact. Yeah allot of it was warranted. But in the case of the V60 I feel the big channels should have pushed for it more. Refresh rates are good. But the V60 still trashes the S21 in many ways. Superior microphones, Dacs, better battery life, SD storage, and the camera's are so good that its pretty hard to call a winner. Now that the big channels have been spanking LG for YEARS we are left with two companies that are much alike. Giving us gimmicks and taking out big features right and left. Apple with a Locked OS and Samsung with their heavily skinned Android to try to lock in their users as well. And both creating gimmicks like 120 refresh rates to keep price points over 1000 dollars and putting in shitty mics and charging more for storage. MB you have no idea how bad this is for the consumer. YT had a big part in the destruction of LG mobile. The V60 is an amazing device. Any company that innovates like that should be a player full stop. But you and other big channels didn't recommend it. And now the S21 suddenly is stripped of major components/features to pad their margins. See how that works? Yeah it's called an oligopoly.
Brandon DeSalles
Brandon DeSalles 13 小时 前
Me who is using a leg style 6 as a daily driver 😭😭😭😭
B eyedubya
B eyedubya 13 小时 前
I had the Chocolate 3, G3, and V10 before moving over to Samsung. I loved those phones. RIP LG.
George Okez
George Okez 13 小时 前
They could have just stuck with the G naming series, like G10+ and on, just do what others were doing and do it fairly better.
JmKrokY 13 小时 前
I sometimes forget about LG making phones
Isis Lordis
Isis Lordis 13 小时 前
Noooooooo why!!!!!!!!!!!
mpa324 13 小时 前
problems I had with LG, LG G4 Bootloop, LG g5 stuck power button, cheap plastic build, my current LG G6, broken sim tray, my tray is stuck and won't pop out, also LG is slow with updates.
out of the Common photography
out of the Common photography 14 小时 前
I agree entirely that with LG being gone, innovation won't be as risky. Because the big 2, Samsung and Apple, just basically copy each other here and there. While still playing "the hits". I never owned an LG phone. But it wasn't because I thought bad of the phones. I just wouldn't see much on them. They would be quick glances. While every other manufacturer is constantly pushing their products. Having huge intro shows and the like. LG reminds me of Sony Ericsson phones from the 90's. Incredible design yet never truly marketed. Anyhoo, best to go out a hero than a villian any day!
Dan L
Dan L 14 小时 前
Case in point he mentioned the G8 but never mentioned its most prominent feature the quad DAC inside making the best sounding phone. So no, reviewers rarely gave LG a proper review
Edmund A
Edmund A 14 小时 前
probably because their flagship phone from 2016 BLEW UP IN MY FUCKING POCKET AT WORK
Val Ernyl Tayco
Val Ernyl Tayco 14 小时 前
proud owner of LG V40 and LG G7
Arnold Atuhaire
Arnold Atuhaire 14 小时 前
My sister was one of those 20million that bought the chocolate. Such a beautiful phone
Sergiy Botsman
Sergiy Botsman 15 小时 前
I just bought a brand new LG Velvet and I absolutely love it. I don't mind the teardrop notch or slow fingerprint sensor. I was disappointed in Samsung Galaxy S9 after the S8 was so perfect. The best feature apart from the dual screens is that it runs cool while playing games in emulators, and it even has Desktop mode over HDMI. We will miss you, LG!
Afroking 15 小时 前
Excellent review bro very insightful
brikwil 15 小时 前
Late to the fray, but... I am surprised that you didn't mention the abysmal LG G3 and G4 firmware failures. LG lost my loyalty after G4. And why not call out the exceptional Optimus G Pro? What an awesome phone!!! The camera alone deserves a postumous mention, aside from its build quality and gorgeous display. I am sad to see LG go, but after G3 and G4, I'm surprised it took so long.
Errold Tumaque
Errold Tumaque 16 小时 前
super interesting history I had the G5. It was dope but crashed a lot
Lycosa 16 小时 前
Great video. RIP LG Phones. I watched this video on an LG monitor.
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 16 小时 前
I had an LG G4... I had a Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5x....and finally an LG G7 ThinQ..... The biggest issues I've had with LG phones have been product support. Or lack of.... My Samsung Galaxy S20 has received more updates in the 4 months I've had it, than my LG G7 has in the 2 years I've owned it. That's not a good record for LG, especially when most of those updates are Android security updates.... LG needed to focus on releasing 1 solid, stable product with great support...... Instead, they kept adding gimmicks that barely worked, if at all and forgot about supporting the products they had already released. As for reviews.....you can either be honest, or a corporate shill.... Honest reviews help people but have the potential to hurt companies. Corporate Shills help companies in exchange for intentionally harming people....
Lettuce 17 小时 前
my first ever smartphone was an lg k7, loved it
Unit ZER0
Unit ZER0 17 小时 前
I liked modern LG phones for their unique cameras, but I wasn't a fan. They lied to me about if their phones could be rooted, and bricked the one I bought. $300 down the drain.
apl175 18 小时 前
Loved my LG G7 Thinq - very high resolution screen, MQA compatible headphone DAC, microSD....unfortunately battery started failing and phone would shut off with 15% remaining. Onward and upward to a Samsung S21 5G.
R H 19 小时 前
10:25 Apple doesn't have a problem with that... People actually defend apple and try to claim that the difference between 60hz and 120hz+ is hardly noticeable. Which they obviously had NO CLUE considering they only had a 60hz iPhone and didn't have a 120hz phone to compare it too. There is a huge difference in responsiveness when you go up to 120/144hz displays. Scrolling through the comments in youtube or scrolling down pages of text is so much better now because its not as jerky when you scroll down and the text isn't as blurry and unreadable as you scroll down.
Rashdan Roojbeh
Rashdan Roojbeh 19 小时 前
Even iphone doesnt have a good refresh rate or good display ppi? You never talked about that. Lol paid reviewer
Kester Belgrove
Kester Belgrove 20 小时 前
I dislike LG as a company after my LG G4 just quit working after less than a year and the company did not honour the warranty. But giving credit the leather back on the G4 was lovely. Also the second screen of the V20, I see it as the beginning of the notch, which basically all phones use now.
Kinyanjui Kamau
Kinyanjui Kamau 20 小时 前
I owned a G5. Great phone except that the battery sucked.
Leonard Durecki
Leonard Durecki 20 小时 前
I'm still using an LG G6 ThinQ, it has a 1440p and 18.9 ratio which is great for a phone from 2017, it sucks I'm going to have to get a Samsung and its stupid Bixby feature.
NoOne_ In-particular
NoOne_ In-particular 20 小时 前
I had the LG Lotus back in ‘07. Black berry keyboard in a flip phone? Hell yeah. Lulz
Vincent Rutto
Vincent Rutto 20 小时 前
I still miss HTC
Anders Rasmussen
Anders Rasmussen 20 小时 前
I had an LG G4 for almost 6 years. That was actually in many ways a really nice phone. Definitely with flaws, but a lot of good things and the LG UI was ahead of its time at launch.
jojo Akki
jojo Akki 20 小时 前
LG shutting down their smart phone production likeee aaaa boazzzzzz
Deadpool 20 小时 前
I absolutely disliked the software and UI of LG phones, thats what put me off.
plazasta 21 小时 前
my proper first phone was a G3. It had tons of issues, I do not miss the LCD display, the cameras weren't great and, by the end, the battery life was horrendous. A year and a half ago, it died when its CPU died, and I replaced it with a Galaxy A20. While there are many things the Galaxy does better (mainly with the display colours and the battery life), I honestly have come to realise I genuinely miss my G3. I miss the extra customization it offered compared to Samsung. I miss the rear buttons, that was a REALLY good idea. I miss the design of it; the curved back, the two-tone case, even the bezels, I miss all of it, it was really nice. I miss being able to open the back of the phone. If it hadn't died, I was about to buy a new battery for it, an expanded one which would've come with a different rear case. Can't do that with phones anymore. The G3 felt like it had a personality to it, where as my A20, even with the hours I spent customizing it, still just feels like a bland brick I only ever had one LG phone, and when it died I went for another phone brand (that being said, I didn't have much of a choice in the matter), and now I just regret not having gotten more LG phones
SIDHU YT 21 小时 前
*I have LG G4 in my drawers somewhere. I loved that Camera Quality in LG G4. I tried to bring it back to life in 2020 but didn't find any LG Store or Repair shop near me and i failed.*
Wayne Gee
Wayne Gee 21 小时 前
My current and last phones were LG. The only thing I don't like about them is that there are too many apps that comes with it.
Suresh K
Suresh K 21 小时 前
That mini display was awesome!
Mike Beck
Mike Beck 21 小时 前
I dont know much on this but is there any particular reason not to get a late gen LG phone if they are discounted? I am guessing the biggest reason not to is because they will no longer be supported or provide updates (although they never really provided a lot of updates to begin with). I can see it being worthwhile if you only plan to have it for several years and it is supported with Android 12 but curious to see what other people think
Rendering Hero
Rendering Hero 22 小时 前
Will LG be back in phones some day?
Nikolas Humphrey-Howell
Nikolas Humphrey-Howell 22 小时 前
honestly this is kindof like, a sad thing for me, i've always been low on cash, and personally, LG has always been a consistently good brand for cheap, decent quality smartphones. they may not have been an innovator in every sense, but their price options (my LG k51, for example, was $159 and has about the same capabilities as some lower level samsungs that are priced at $400-$500) were far more acceptable for not having any credit history, not having a financial background, and not being rich. sad to see a fantastic brand go.
They actually died because they didn't pay Enough to our homie to promote them.
Aisha Luminsa
Aisha Luminsa 22 小时 前
I had a G3 some time back
Lil murker
Lil murker 22 小时 前
They need to put every feature in one phone and call it the LG One
Huge Jackedman
Huge Jackedman 22 小时 前
LG were my boys ever since the Fusic.... 😭
Yusuke Urameshi
Yusuke Urameshi 23 小时 前
Bad marketing and garbage reviewers destroyed LG
Bryan Damage
Bryan Damage 23 小时 前
Thank fuck they stopped. I can't stop myself buying LG phones since I first owned a G2. My V40 was trash, and my G8 is trash. At least I don't need will power anymore to stop buying their shitty phones.
officialfabioj 天 前
Vain ID is actually what Samsung has done now with the pen feature if you think about it
Marcin R.
Marcin R. 天 前
Still running since new - G5 (H850) on android 11 with latest security patches thanks to lineage os. Perfect phone for me with couple of batteries, great cameras and perfect size and will hold on to it as long as possible. I would discus about influencers, as they tend to more support big popular players on the market as it mean bigger money.
The Homie
The Homie 天 前
My worst phone ever (LG G3)... man i hated that phone!
officialfabioj 天 前
G3 and V10 man those were so good
Roger Carroll
Roger Carroll 天 前
Marques, excellent analysis! Having been an LG customer, and being disapointed with their quality, and thought you were spot on with your comments. The boot looping problem with the G4 and V10 was never addressed properly.
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude 天 前
Zanky Watanabe
Zanky Watanabe 天 前
LG died becos of some people like you, MKBHD, Linus, Whosetheboss,...who continously rant and complain on LG becoz they dont sponsor you guys.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 天 前
Still using my lgv30 and i see no need to upgrade yet.
Luca M
Luca M 天 前
ThinQ in italian is not a good name, belive me
Adharsh P
Adharsh P 天 前
Still i'm using LG g7 Plus. It is good phone
cerealfamine 天 前
LG G3 crew!
George Appiah
George Appiah 天 前
Another factor which I didn't hear you mention (but which I believe is a key factor) is the emergence of cheap, "good-enough" Chinese brands. I'm from Ghana, and my first smartphone was an LG. Back then young professionals like me with some disposable income got either a low-end Samsung smartphone (the local market leader at the time), or a more powerful LG phone for the same price. But, today, Chinese brands like Infinix and Tecno totally dominate the market.
Arslan Farooq
Arslan Farooq 天 前
한현준 天 前
Life is still Good without a smartphone!
solo 天 前
Your reviews of LG vs iphone and samsung was cruelly that if bias . You couldn't recommend a 60hz display two years ago but you could wax lyrics of iPhone in 2021 with a 60hz display. You always find excuses to justify Apple and maybe samsung too. If samsung used a plastic back on thousand dollars phone, suddenly plastic well be more durable than glass excuse will emerge but let another company do it , then it's so cheap a material. Sometimes I think this two companies pay you..
Fucked up guys
Fucked up guys 天 前
LG should have recruited him
J. Deku
J. Deku 天 前
Hope Sony phones can catch up now
Tommaso Marsiglia
Tommaso Marsiglia 天 前
And the Nexus 5? I still love it
GattlingCombo 天 前
When I look for a new smartphone I always try to find the one that has the best sound for music with a headphone jack, and maybe good speakers if possible. So I was a huge fan of HTC phones for that reason. Then HTC dropped off. I read the LG g7 had a jack with the quad dac. The phone stuttered every now and then, but I liked the nice thin phone with the awesome sound. LG has been rated the highest for a lot of audio tech websites.....Now LG falls off as well >_
Extra slippery when wet !
Extra slippery when wet ! 天 前
Still have my LG Prada phones .
Junky228 天 前
22 LG videos over the years.... how many Samsung videos do you think you've made?? I bet more than quadruple that.
James Webb
James Webb 天 前
I think OnePlus should try to recruit some LG engineers in their camera soft department.
xanseviera 天 前
It's difficult to find LG phone at my area, sad to see it go, I owned LG Icecream back in 2009
Wags84 天 前
One of my favorite phones was an LG, enV2 I think it was
BBBT 天 前
The wing needed a 120hz refresh rate, 4k screen and faster processer then i would pay the $1000+
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