AirPods Max Review: Luxury Listening!

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Marques Brownlee

2 个月 前

Apple made some pretty great headphones with a pretty dumb case.
AirPods Max:
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Headphones provided by Apple for review.

Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 2 个月 前
Ok so for those asking: These or the Sony XM4? I’ve personally ordered a black pair of these for myself. I think I’ll be using them for most everyday listening. But for my flights and travel I have a feeling I’m gonna hate the limited Android multi device support and get annoyed and switch back to the Sonys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tan Sze Han
Tan Sze Han 13 天 前
Arman Ahd
Arman Ahd 18 天 前
You are just advertising for USA products without any logical reason...
Wilivlogs 个月 前
@Anthony Romero Bowers and Wilkins PX7 for me.
Swooty 个月 前
XM3's, XM4's and even the WH900N are better or equal to the metal box of a headphone that apple has created.
Joey B
Joey B 2 个月 前
Neck killer -- class action waiting to happen
Cod only sniping Fitness at home
Cod only sniping Fitness at home 6 小时 前
Apple =fools
Cod only sniping Fitness at home
Cod only sniping Fitness at home 6 小时 前
Ugliest design
Ivan Catalan
Ivan Catalan 7 小时 前
I can afford them but I don’t see the reason why get them. I hate wearing headphones in general
The CryptoGame
The CryptoGame 13 小时 前
Impressive headphone
Andrew David
Andrew David 13 小时 前
They sound great, so long as you don't mind wearing an over priced barbell on your head.
Meister 18 小时 前
AirPods Max Review: Luxury Listening and Hate Everything On It
Mike Broesel
Mike Broesel 21 小时 前
I love mine the best thing I ever did is it to buy a pair.
TRANG VU 22 小时 前
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nathan wright
nathan wright 23 小时 前
8:32 "open back" it pains me that they used the image from the HD 820 a "closed back"
Thomas Stok
Thomas Stok 天 前
The best MKBHD moment in 2021... “this case is so stupid” 😂😂
a b
a b 天 前
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Top Dog Outdoor Superstore
Top Dog Outdoor Superstore 天 前
Channel has turned into fanboy trash. Apple headphones worry about everything but sound.
vidgamarr 天 前
I’m tempted to buy these but the case really is stupid. And for pretty much $600 (after tax in my state) I’d just rather wait for AirPods Max Pro or whatever.
Jes Flow
Jes Flow 天 前
😂 fawk outa here
Dagger 天 前
I think I’ll just stick with my AirPods Pro and my Sony’s
peter nguyen
peter nguyen 天 前
HELL NO I will never spend over 500 buck for a damn headphone that is way too much money for me I rather spend my money on a headphone that has a great quality great sound better noise canceling and much cheaper than that ugly ass Apple headphone
ggh546 天 前
Your explanation/review of the case.... "EPIC"!!!
Joshua Mammen
Joshua Mammen 天 前
Lit intro watched it 100 times
dmanny95 2 天 前
Don’t get em, mine blew out my ear drum, made a super loud static crack sound. Returning it for sure
Jbeast Lopez
Jbeast Lopez 2 天 前
I see those ps5's in the back at the start of the intro 👀 how much???
Christie Claire Colla
Christie Claire Colla 2 天 前
A comment to help people with smaller heads, they do not stay on my head if I look down or up at a normal level. Forget bending over or looking at the sky.
Kanyon Littlejohn
Kanyon Littlejohn 2 天 前
You say that no other headphone has an aluminum build like that but the Bose qc35ii have aluminum ear cups (well mostly aluminum)
Danny Nattis
Danny Nattis 2 天 前
Starts talking about audio quality 7:00
EvoPortal 2 天 前
So he does no testing done just offers his opinions....hmm... worthless video.
Kai Park
Kai Park 2 天 前
rahul gowda
rahul gowda 2 天 前
Most people buy APPLE to show off and it doesn't have apple symbol on it 🤦 Wow well played 👍
Odst soldier
Odst soldier 2 天 前
The AirPods max are a step backwards it’s the reason why I wanted AirPods they are small and subtle not big ass headphones that look like pilots microphone
Nazrin Ong
Nazrin Ong 2 天 前
Me: that really cool headphone! MKBHD: i hate it! Me: i hate it!
Nicholas Rubio
Nicholas Rubio 13 小时 前
What? Marques did not say he hates it?
Andre Ramirez
Andre Ramirez 2 天 前
That weight isn’t too bad, I was rocking some Blue Mo-Fi’s for some years with (amazing sound quality) one major issue, they weighed 516 or so grams for the first gen ones I had. Those were heavy, I could get usually an hour or two before my head started to hurt. But unlike I think a lot of review people out there I do not wear over the ear headphones casually out and about, I wear them in home or at a desk, unless I am on a plane.
BabyBlu3 2 天 前
prob the worst thing apple has ever released.
Macunator 2 天 前
I hate that..
Pilbz 3 天 前
The green one looks gorgeous
Ian Christian Catu
Ian Christian Catu 3 天 前
LMAO. The way he hates that bra-case got me gagging. HAHAHAHA
Carl Martinez
Carl Martinez 3 天 前
I'll stick with my crusher wireless
abdullah bahzad
abdullah bahzad 3 天 前
Those things are ugly af
Sukit Hard
Sukit Hard 3 天 前
Not worth the price.
Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts 3 天 前
Wow I was so amazed by these for a minute I was like damn these are fire I wanna see the case and how they fold up now then I saw the case and it looks ugly af and I would so brake those if I was to bring them places all the time
Infinite Monkey
Infinite Monkey 3 天 前
They won't last many many years. They are battery powered. The battery's gonna fail sooner or later.
Pete Simon
Pete Simon 3 天 前
Basically these are good but the case. 😂😂😂
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 4 天 前
Stoopid 👀😂😂😂😂
Chris Watts
Chris Watts 4 天 前
R Wash
R Wash 4 天 前
The case alone is why I’m not getting it. Give me all $550 worth of quality from start to finish.
OneCastCatch Fishing
OneCastCatch Fishing 4 天 前
not me with the 1st gen airpods😭✋
Apolonioman 4 天 前
In all honesty, they look absolutely ridiculous.
Koji Miyazaki
Koji Miyazaki 4 天 前
At this point you should acquire a mid-tier electronic manufacturer, and design/sell your own tech. Mr. Beasts of tech. At least make an MKBHD app that promotes specific tech and you can get referral fee (guess you do this via CNpost already, but doesn't hurt to diversify). You can always expand from there when people have already downloaded your app ;)
vuyo gwadiso
vuyo gwadiso 4 天 前
Not God whispering in your ear 😂😂😂💀
Capalot John
Capalot John 4 天 前
I’m good with my pros Lmaoooo
nana thamuz
nana thamuz 4 天 前
Can i have 1 of those that i cant afford ever, pls!,
skage 4 天 前
Only 550$? in Norway they are 823$.....
Arun Kubendran
Arun Kubendran 4 天 前
If we buy horse sheet for $550 then we will appreciate that too...
Travis JA
Travis JA 4 天 前
Dude I have power beats pro and that's perfect for me haha
Disadadi 4 天 前
High end headphones made out of plastic??? How about Beyer T1 with metal everywhere? Right. It's not really something you can say in general that high end headphones use mainly plastic. Hifimans, audezes etc. have a lot of metal parts.
JP 4 天 前
Everything is so CLEAN except the beard, my man, for the people, clean it up lol
Ryan Lennox-Bradley
Ryan Lennox-Bradley 4 天 前
When you know how to do those intro effects but are too lazy for your own YT videos
szewei1985 4 天 前
Haha cool
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 5 天 前
Apple pulls a lot of BS but when they do things right the do it RIGHT
Dragon Father
Dragon Father 5 天 前
Better off sticking wit AirPod pros
alessandra 5 天 前
These are so ugly
Daniel Jannes
Daniel Jannes 5 天 前
Wearing a mask being alone in a floor - Jesus. Apart from that, great footage.
Rajat Kaushal
Rajat Kaushal 5 天 前
So these headphones cost over $500 yet don't support LDAC? What a shame.
Yakko Yuuzou
Yakko Yuuzou 5 天 前
They are ugly
Z Qiwei
Z Qiwei 5 天 前
I can’t agree more with your conclusions.
Ammi's Toy Reviews
Ammi's Toy Reviews 5 天 前
That intro tho 🔥🔥
Reigh Deña
Reigh Deña 6 天 前
Watching this video rn while wearing one
MAx MaxTrial
MAx MaxTrial 6 天 前
No one really gives a shit unless you're an audiophile. Like really give me some basic headphones my brain can do the rest for best sound. Too much info for really who cares ask your Mom or next door girl if they give a shit. To them its just audio to me its a bit more to Marques your going way beyond the norm just for tech nerds.
Shin Kim
Shin Kim 6 天 前
Naw I'd rather buy a pixel 5 with this money
Mohamed Alanzi
Mohamed Alanzi 6 天 前
Wow a it’s just block the sound of the poor ppl
Ana Lias
Ana Lias 6 天 前
Are those not the closed back Senns that you called opened back?
mikey MFhighlights
mikey MFhighlights 6 天 前
The lack of water resistance is what seem would be the deal breaker for me. Mainly because I would use them for work and they wouldn’t last then. If I was grabbing them for listening while working on my planing sessions for my games.
Isaac F M Soares
Isaac F M Soares 6 天 前
The microfone sucks tho
crazzylee 6 天 前
BOSE🎧 or 🍎🎧?
gordoboy18 6 天 前
Why is it that everyone shits on them (which they should), but then always buys the product? Forge your own path people!
gordoboy18 6 天 前
Apples thought process: How do we make passable headphones, sell/market wonky unnecessary features, colors, and designs.....but make sure they are designed so that people will be forced to add on extra features like a real case, wireless charger, etc.. Then charge an insane amount of money. The public loves being bamboozled. I mean Apple told us exactly what they would do in 1984! Sheep!
Luis Esco
Luis Esco 6 天 前
So basically cheap headphones that have 9 mics so you can hear as how you would hear without the headphones on. thats cool... But We need some super HD 8D audio if we’re going to pay $550+
Meme 6 天 前
Reegan Kistler
Reegan Kistler 6 天 前
Can’t justify $550. Apple rlly rips ppl off smh
Kyle Luigie
Kyle Luigie 6 天 前
0:46 That’s some big ass cheese grater
Ləv Yərˈself
Ləv Yərˈself 6 天 前
@ 7:41 He's listening to Justin Bieber.
Alec Olguin
Alec Olguin 7 天 前
Lia Rufino
Lia Rufino 7 天 前
im sorry but it looks so ugly
Mohamed FAOUZ
Mohamed FAOUZ 7 天 前
Let's just appreciate the God level editing in this video!
UnfoldedPerson 7 天 前
Basically just buy if you just have the money to get it
Vic Rose
Vic Rose 7 天 前
lmao 😂 I love your brutally honest opinions about the case Marques!
Richard DaVis
Richard DaVis 7 天 前
10$ Headphones Or 500$ , Idiots we are hearing the fking same thing
UnfoldedPerson 7 天 前
Me chilling with my 30$ headphones looking at the AirPods max* Tf 500$? Naaahhh
Arkar Min San
Arkar Min San 7 天 前
Next up: AirPods Pro Max
Jennifer Furkel
Jennifer Furkel 7 天 前
the Bose 700 are made of metal, too and are super comfortable
Itsalizardcraft 7 天 前
Like the Lego Mario in the background
steve jessemey
steve jessemey 8 天 前
These are almost €700 here in Malta. No way will I pay this amount for these heavy Headphones.
Adriana E. Hurtado
Adriana E. Hurtado 8 天 前
What are the best noise cancellling?
Tuan Le
Tuan Le 8 天 前
My AirPods Pro is just fine. Pass thx
Jokerpilled Saint
Jokerpilled Saint 8 天 前
Apple does not give af about innovation anymore so there’s no point in complaining about the price. It’s strictly a company that caters to pretentious people who want to feel superior to others by throwing money around.
Eilam Sagiv
Eilam Sagiv 8 天 前
500 bucks for fucking home/library headphones. fuck. no.
Saleem Halawani
Saleem Halawani 8 天 前
1 that case is dumb 2 those look like there $1 headphones
FLAK Broski
FLAK Broski 8 天 前
2:51 Me just wanting headphones under $50 lol
Rajvigneswaran Kaneysan
Rajvigneswaran Kaneysan 8 天 前
Marques is smiling but he is super pissed.. “This case is so stupid” - 11:52
Anuj Chauhan
Anuj Chauhan 9 天 前
I better listen to god instead of some stupid siri.
Syam Suresh
Syam Suresh 9 天 前
SAYS NOT AN AUDIOPHILE....basically explains everything 🤣
Jarrod Aldridge
Jarrod Aldridge 9 天 前
Marques!!!!! Could you please do a video review of the Yamaha YH-E700A. I can guarantee that for sound quality, they destroy the XM4 and the AirPods.
Tim Gardner
Tim Gardner 9 天 前
yes working on it now thanks
Saul Montenegro
Saul Montenegro 9 天 前
naw that case stopped any chance of me buying them.
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