Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Impressions: The Wraparound Display!

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Marques Brownlee

年 前

A concept phone with a 360-degree surround display 👀
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JerryRigEverything 年 前
Can I borrow the phone for a minute? I need to.... um... make a phone call...
AvanggaAR 个月 前
Kinda sus
Mohammad Umbadda
Mohammad Umbadda 2 个月 前
Why are you here, go check on other comments
Bharath krishna
Bharath krishna 2 个月 前
I'll add pannel
kausto j
kausto j 3 个月 前
@Aditya Mane turning permission kassala gheil toh lol
Shubham Shaurya
Shubham Shaurya 4 个月 前
ᴀᴀsʜᴠɪɴ 9 小时 前
നീ എന്ത് തേങ്ങ ആണെടോ പറയുന്നേ
Perfect imagination but if this mobile fall down in hard surface then I think they damage the side base..❤🤔😁😁
Coconutz 2 天 前
Thumbnail: 69% He know what he did
Atropin I.V.
Atropin I.V. 2 天 前
Céphas Agbago
Céphas Agbago 2 天 前
Don't drop it....
bani bhattacharya
bani bhattacharya 2 天 前
Copy of iPhone Not cool
Anjali Rawat
Anjali Rawat 2 天 前
Brown mjnde
inquizit0r 4 天 前
*nice* thumbnail
Uncle Star Wars Satchmo98
Uncle Star Wars Satchmo98 4 天 前
LOL no vpn could protect your privacy on this phone
ShortieBoiNuraz 4 天 前
Is there any screen guard for it?
JewelsVEVO 5 天 前
How would you even be able to slap a case on that????
Alexander Regalado
Alexander Regalado 5 天 前
Is nobody else acknowledging the 69 on the thumbnail, or is it just me. But, Nice.
Luke Kuethe
Luke Kuethe 5 天 前
How do you even put in your sim
Mona Reeds
Mona Reeds 6 天 前
can someone please tell me where I can buy? I have been looking for almost an hour now
Siddharth Khodke
Siddharth Khodke 6 天 前
I think better power backup would be needed cause the screen would take too much of the battery.
WINSKY 7 天 前
This is a phone made specifically for bachelor's and single guys. This phone Canon will cause significant relationship problems if you're not careful!!!
hwabong bak
hwabong bak 7 天 前
You're influential too, so you can preview that phone. I'm envious.
Adriana Rodiguez
Adriana Rodiguez 7 天 前
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Samuel Denzel
Samuel Denzel 4 天 前
Randomly hitting your keyboard suggestions huh
isa 8 天 前
Gamitha Samarasingha
Gamitha Samarasingha 9 天 前
A person can only focus on one side of the screen at a time
nxkia 9 天 前
This phone looks incredible, but if you dropped it or tried to use it in public, your basically done. Highly inefficient but a cool concept.
Nando Heemstra
Nando Heemstra 9 天 前
Daddow Kakku
Daddow Kakku 11 天 前
Nice phone
Buddy Bruh
Buddy Bruh 11 天 前
180% Screen to body ratio
Nooby Yuri
Nooby Yuri 11 天 前
Funny thumbnail
a car ethusiast
a car ethusiast 11 天 前
69% in the thumbnail, coincidence? I THINK NOT
Crystal 14 天 前
This looks like a power bank or a hard drive
Aztech Illumna
Aztech Illumna 15 天 前
Imagine the battery consumption, And you'll no longer be able to watch hentai in private anymore
Calbert 15 天 前
The portal reference at the beginning was NOICE
Kyle Chalupa
Kyle Chalupa 15 天 前
It’s eye candy.
Jacob Atkinson
Jacob Atkinson 17 天 前
Thumbnail N I C E
Things To Know
Things To Know 17 天 前
thats ugly phone, you know whats call?. if your phone can really talk to you like a person, if you charge your phone he will say, I am now charging, thank you. your phone have a character, sometimes funny voice, or angry person.
Ernst Preuss
Ernst Preuss 18 天 前
Can I have the phone allow me to see all of the 7 1/2"+ screen at once? Samsung.. Here, have a Fold 2. :)
陈柏林陈 18 天 前
That is so good
Evil Goblin
Evil Goblin 18 天 前
Thumbnail nice
john lee
john lee 19 天 前
American government doesn't need to ban Huawei. they maybe should find some reason to ban Xiaomi* LOL
Stan Boerboom
Stan Boerboom 19 天 前
That looks dope. Does it have a dac?
Noah Ström
Noah Ström 19 天 前
69% charged in the thumbnail, well done
KinzDarell 20 天 前
Cool Bob
Cool Bob 20 天 前
whats with a casing?
Snake eye gaming
Snake eye gaming 20 天 前
If you didn't notice the charge in the thumbnail😆
Pleth 21 天 前
says harder than stainless steel, but what kind of steel? and is it hardened steel? soft steel? what kind of titanium is it? because titanium in general is about the same in terms of steel, though on the softer side, which gives it the toughness, opposed to hardness.
Pleth 21 天 前
i remember back when iphone 5 rumours were spreading and people photoshopped stuff like this. 7 or so years later and its a reality.
Prit Cee
Prit Cee 21 天 前
wtf this was just last year??? it feels like its been 2 years :/
Fraxals 21 天 前
I swear i think i could manage to daily drive this beast.
Rókácska 21 天 前
I really don't like this phone :/ It looks ugly to me
Manish halder
Manish halder 22 天 前
What if you watch porn in this phone
Zyda. 22 天 前
Phone case company: fuck you
jim bug orca
jim bug orca 22 天 前
Instead of wonky screen buttons on the side, why not put physical buttons on the back strip, under the cameras. And the top and bottom black bars kinda ruins the whole 100% screen gimmick anyway. But the idea of live wallpapers on the back is kinda cool.
M1ZY4N_ 07
M1ZY4N_ 07 22 天 前
Umm...is no one going to talk about how the thumbnail shows the phone charging on...69%?
Krishna Rawat
Krishna Rawat 23 天 前
I think the back screen should be off but when we have to take selfie it gets on or maybe there should be a feature for turning it off
Joelジョジョ 23 天 前
Now Imagine dropping it
balaji karun
balaji karun 23 天 前
Its not a powerbank...read the title..lol😉😀
DJ Lucas D
DJ Lucas D 23 天 前
kiss me please :D
DJ Lucas D
DJ Lucas D 23 天 前
8i locve you babey
Minaruo The gamer
Minaruo The gamer 23 天 前
Just put the buttons on the back of the phone on that camera strip
Minaruo The gamer
Minaruo The gamer 23 天 前
Great so now everyone can see what I am doing on my phone🤦‍♂️
theuncalledfor 23 天 前
Thanks (for reviewing), I hate it (the phone). Seems like a great way to get caught looking at porn, or to have someone read sensitive information off the back. What could you possibly need a screen on the backside for? Unless it was, like, a different kind of screen or something.
MisterDomin0 23 天 前
i like it, but would need to have a lower price as long as the screen is not hesalite or sapphire
John Nicko Canino
John Nicko Canino 24 天 前
That must be giveaway!!!❤️🔥
Joël van Driel
Joël van Driel 24 天 前
imagine dropping it
/\/\/\ 24 天 前
The thumbnail 👌
cellomonster 24 天 前
sans 1:11
William Faix
William Faix 24 天 前
Love that portal reference
Bryan S
Bryan S 25 天 前
It looks cool as hell
G S 25 天 前
Okay. Nice phone. Now. Be serious. This phone same like super car. You can't drive. Just keep in the garage. This phone the same. You buy and put on the shelf.
G S 25 天 前
And give this for JerryRig everything. Even for him will be hard to open and see what is what
Predo_ Pires
Predo_ Pires 25 天 前
and battery with this screen goes boom
Edward Muiruri
Edward Muiruri 25 天 前
For me, I have a question about the android that is teleporting at the shelves, Otherwise, the phone is 100% great
Araya Hill
Araya Hill 25 天 前
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Superdude 1421
Superdude 1421 25 天 前
That tumbnail is nice
Hyman Schoolman
Hyman Schoolman 25 天 前
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Dino 25 天 前
Ima be the one to say it. Just get rid of cameras. I can’t remember the last time I used my cell phone camera
this phone reminded me of that iphone 8 widescreen concept video and i got hit with the biggest wave of nostalgic
F.L.Infinite 25 天 前
0:08 I see you're a man of culture as well
Stupid with Idiot
Stupid with Idiot 25 天 前
You can gift me a mobile
Angel Heredia
Angel Heredia 26 天 前
I love the video... umm not the phone 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Sheer Win
Sheer Win 26 天 前
When concept phone way back in 2012 became reality in 2021
Riki MacDonald
Riki MacDonald 26 天 前
I like the thumbnail
Getting smarter with the tumbnail, eh?
SS4 guy jr
SS4 guy jr 26 天 前
Be nice if I could somehow get my hands on this phone looked at the price May and that is way too expensive even for a normal phone as soon as can be that expensive the price range is $9,000 to nearly $10,000 that is outrageous you have to be kidding me
SuperSonic Boom
SuperSonic Boom 27 天 前
The thumbnail looks like a battery icon you would find in settings
VixX 27 天 前
imagine watching those things and people can what u are seeing
Dániel Dobos
Dániel Dobos 27 天 前
Can we just appreciate what a leader xiaomi has become in R&D? Sure, this prototype is unpractical, but they have been such pioneers for so much design and tech recent years...
Lanky 27 天 前
>Watching porn in public >Forgets the 360° screen >Crowd reaction surprisedpikachu.jpg
Nick Drake
Nick Drake 27 天 前
Screen burn in: “Let me introduce myself”
Nayber 27 天 前
Is the phone case just a thong?
Chelsea Cassey Cheng
Chelsea Cassey Cheng 28 天 前
The Iphone 11 first ever expectation that the side has a screen too, well that is just a expectation and JUST A BAIT! But this changes everything, this is what I think the real side screen and EVEN AT ITS BACK is real. Very great Xiaomi! Whenever xiaomi advertises its best upcoming phone, all phones are nervous already
Abdiel Uriostegui
Abdiel Uriostegui 28 天 前
Looks cool but the camera really makes me dislike it the way it has that giant strip really ruins the design
Cyjaz 29 天 前
The thumbnail with the funny number
Philipp Mack
Philipp Mack 个月 前
Great so now the person infront of me can watch porn too...
ZZ Top
ZZ Top 个月 前
Another android s***ter
Juutify 个月 前
this video was made in my bday
Girilal Girish
Girilal Girish 个月 前
Hibbro iwould like to have a Anny of your apple phone I'm very bigbfan of apple but idon't have money for bbuyvl it m so vpls give me any of your old iPhone mY fconntafct nukmbberbbbr is 9995366191
Qusai Saify
Qusai Saify 个月 前
He used the Apple Pencil to pry open the box...
wilelyam 个月 前
Fuzed Cable
Fuzed Cable 个月 前
More places for my phone to shatter!
Ram Patode
Ram Patode 个月 前
Ram Patode
Ram Patode 个月 前
BJ 654
BJ 654 个月 前
Nice thumbnail.
Darendra N
Darendra N 个月 前
Marques or anyone, can please help me get the instrumental version of Change by J Cole that's played at 1:12?
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