Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

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Marques Brownlee

2 年 前

Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.
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জারিফ মাহমুদ
জারিফ মাহমুদ 23 小时 前
robloxian bloxian
robloxian bloxian 天 前
wow first tech channel to meet the myth the legend the genorous elon musk
bdK frontstreetK
bdK frontstreetK 天 前
They r both awkward and it makes it not awkward😂
vrtxte 2 天 前
What the hell, it's already been 2 years!?! OH MY GOD
Aditya 2 天 前
Guess elons hand size!!
gagan sharma
gagan sharma 2 天 前
Man u're so lucky u got elon with u👍
Rich Rosolada
Rich Rosolada 3 天 前
This is how 2 wealthy nerds talking.,,
Eamon Mellett
Eamon Mellett 3 天 前
pov your watching when elon richest man in the world
pepsi man
pepsi man 3 天 前
anyone else here who doesnt know anything they're talking about but just enjoy 2 dudes vibing?
Dean Richard
Dean Richard 3 天 前
Elon is a legend super amazing person, and marques did an amazing job with the interview very well researched, on-point and intelligent.
The Holy Quran
The Holy Quran 4 天 前
Good boy
Anthony Galvan
Anthony Galvan 4 天 前
I feel like Elon musk had just woken up there and was asked to do an interview..........and he still was able to give a lot of information
Orion 4 天 前
This is such less awkward when one great mind interviews another, compared to the highly tense awkward reporter interview.
marc salas
marc salas 4 天 前
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Max B
Max B 5 天 前
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Abigail Mitchell
Abigail Mitchell 5 天 前
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Dhruva Jindal
Dhruva Jindal 6 天 前
Throwback to the times when Elon had time to talk to MKBHD
kamtihu guqurteh
kamtihu guqurteh 6 天 前
The polite spark partially applaud because kiss intialy dam near a meaty engineer. nebulous, materialistic leather
daniel pascal
daniel pascal 6 天 前
The factory looks so clean that I thought it was a green screen
Albert Barajas
Albert Barajas 6 天 前
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Herman Castberg
Herman Castberg 6 天 前
CNpost know what i want to watch
Ahmed Yo Boiii
Ahmed Yo Boiii 8 天 前
Mark ass brownlee
تكنو ديزاد ALGERIA TECH
تكنو ديزاد ALGERIA TECH 8 天 前
wow tesla
art_harshit 8 天 前
real ironman
William 8 天 前
2021, back because I know Elon Musk enjoyed this interview.
sl coding bro
sl coding bro 9 天 前
Johnson Roberto
Johnson Roberto 9 天 前
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Hritul Nawale
Hritul Nawale 10 天 前
Now this guy showed the world, What I'm actually
Other 10 天 前
zainlegoman 11 天 前
Someone count how many times he said um
Hritul Nawale
Hritul Nawale 10 天 前
killer 87
killer 87 12 天 前
Bruh haha se actully talked to him
My hands feel tired at drinking water , i am planning to get a cyborg to make me drink water , hope that it Doesn't pour water in my nose 😕
Andrew Kimberlin
Andrew Kimberlin 13 天 前
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Benjamin Rex Ben
Benjamin Rex Ben 14 天 前
He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,.
D B 5 天 前
Benjamin Rex Ben
Benjamin Rex Ben 14 天 前
-+/1/5/3/0/4/2/8/5/8/70/W/h/a/t/s/A/p/p/< With> / A/U/s/t/In/.
Frank Silva
Frank Silva 14 天 前
This was so fucking cool to watch!
matthew singh
matthew singh 14 天 前
The reason he messed up when he speaks is because he's brain works so fast that his mouth can't keep up
DaMemeBoi _
DaMemeBoi _ 6 天 前
Glad someone said it before me
kent Grey
kent Grey 14 天 前
AKA the video that convinced me to unsubscribe. Diver that helped save those Thai boys didn't deserve to be attacked by this megalomaniac. You do you boo, but I don't want to become a "partaker of his sins and plagues."
Keith White
Keith White 15 天 前
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Mr.Rathore 15 天 前
Marquess Brownlee Is More Handsome.! Agree 👍🏻 Disagree 👎🏻
Keith Reynolds
Keith Reynolds 15 天 前
How did Marques not geek out???
Mr. morning Star
Mr. morning Star 16 天 前
That's alot of um 😂
13ig 13oots
13ig 13oots 16 天 前
Musk is an idiot, most of his ideas are totally impracticable.
Squidnortty 16 天 前
oh god... twitter
Cas van der Burg
Cas van der Burg 16 天 前
This is a huge flex
Mara Parks
Mara Parks 16 天 前
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Soutrik Biswas
Soutrik Biswas 16 天 前
weirdly good
weirdly good 17 天 前
wooow damn its not jokes
90V 9V
90V 9V 17 天 前
Jesus is the Lord amen
Marcelle Beckwith
Marcelle Beckwith 17 天 前
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No 18 天 前
백경래 18 天 前
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Zane Thind
Zane Thind 19 天 前
Elon Musk is definitely an interesting dude for sure and also has anyone noticed that Elon Musk hasn't aged at all in the past 5 to 10 years
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 19 天 前
Who's watching this on March 28th 2021 the year where he became the richest man/person on earth
Mohammad Tareq
Mohammad Tareq 19 天 前
omg how many "Like" he said LMFAO 🤣
Jaki Roge
Jaki Roge 19 天 前
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Tasha Romero
Tasha Romero 19 天 前
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ARtronicS 19 天 前
So It's been almost 3 years since this video , so if they were working really hard , It's almost the time for the 25k usd car to come out
Liam Evans - Online Business
Liam Evans - Online Business 19 天 前
Imagine chilling with Elon Musk on the weekend, damn.
МАРГАРИТА Глушко 19 天 前
It has taken just around 10 years after world crisis, to make Tesla autopilot car, to make it best company in the world and to give people feeling they save planet by using Tesla. Elon, stop for a second, and feel, that you are living now in your dreams from childhood. Feel happy, you are making history. I just remind you, you are hero. Wife @elonmusk
Angry Potato
Angry Potato 20 天 前
He looks like a Martian who came to earth, learned the human language, using Martian intelligence to invent crazy tech.
Marie Valdovinos
Marie Valdovinos 20 天 前
you ask the best questions out of any interview of Elon I've ever seen. Great work.
This was difficult to watch, elon was way more comfortable than he usually is. Too comfortable even.... And marques?......oh boy was he uncomfortable during that conversation.
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 21 天 前
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Eliza Britton
Eliza Britton 21 天 前
I’m assuming that Tesla sales may have dropped since this because of Covid job loss ect.
Jali Sandy
Jali Sandy 22 天 前
Coconut interviewer Black on the outside white on the inside How can he not know this fool mutk is a cult pushing tyrant
alstjsl80 22 天 前
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Jasmine Hudson
Jasmine Hudson 22 天 前
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ADVAID SP 22 天 前
Anyone in 2021?
reju 23 天 前
how simply define the importance of technology,amazing person
blue flowers
blue flowers 23 天 前
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bertkhaute 23 天 前
He was so handsome.. Love from India..sir
Dexter Memes
Dexter Memes 24 天 前
These dislikes are from the kids who thought they are having free vbucks
夏 留 得 羅武 羅 医 頭
夏 留 得 羅武 羅 医 頭 24 天 前
Ryan Isaksen
Ryan Isaksen 24 天 前
3 years later: still no cheaper tesla
ladiesman2048 24 天 前
Rich camera team when everyone can afford $80k car
shanon carrol
shanon carrol 24 天 前
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Top X
Top X 24 天 前
Background look so dope
Damien Vega
Damien Vega 25 天 前
That doesn't look like elon musk
Elivelton Fagundes
Elivelton Fagundes 25 天 前
Man everyone ordered a tesla lol. Good interview man, congrats
Avaiz3 Vazquezwwi72
Avaiz3 Vazquezwwi72 25 天 前
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John Carry
John Carry 25 天 前
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DogeCoin 25 天 前
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers 25 天 前
That’s a common problem rn people don’t acknowledge there’s a major shortage on labor
Yousef The King
Yousef The King 25 天 前
Hello. I'm from the future and Elon musk is now called the TechnoKing
Thomas without a B
Thomas without a B 25 天 前
I love how smooth and calm elon talks
Muh.Ridwan Idris
Muh.Ridwan Idris 26 天 前
youwise8D 26 天 前
One more year for the $25k car 🥲👍🏻
Tucky Erion
Tucky Erion 26 天 前
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universal beats
universal beats 26 天 前
Elon musk is great guy he is really down to mars
Richard Steele
Richard Steele 26 天 前
Elon only blinked 13 times the whole interview
akshat sethi
akshat sethi 27 天 前
5:25 its been 3 years
Aneesh Augustine
Aneesh Augustine 27 天 前
John Lacey
John Lacey 27 天 前
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John Lacey
John Lacey 27 天 前
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Popo 911
Popo 911 27 天 前
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Nived Damodaran
Nived Damodaran 28 天 前
We need a waveform episode with Elon Musk as special guest
Just Game
Just Game 28 天 前
He is from another world
Yuqian Guo
Yuqian Guo 28 天 前
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Kevin Sar
Kevin Sar 28 天 前
so are they going to make detachable side mirrors? lol manufacturer added them, owner can take em off 8-)
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