Huawei Mate X2 Impressions: I Was Right!

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Marques Brownlee

29 天 前

The wedge-shaped folding phone 👀 Better than the Z Fold 2?
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Adalat Mammadov
Adalat Mammadov 4 小时 前
why google does not work. is google political corporation or what??? google wtf???
Карен Альбертян
Карен Альбертян 20 小时 前
because of the large external screen, the meaning of the internal is lost. I often use an external screen on my z fold 2. I won't be here at all. It is convenient to use a narrow fold with one hand, but here you already have to use 2 hands
The Diamond
The Diamond 20 小时 前
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 天 前
when the secondary screen of a phone is better than your phone's main display
Left-Handed Blitz
Left-Handed Blitz 天 前
If youre using two hands to hold it then wouldnt the wedge shape be unnecessary? And if youre left handed the center of gravity would make it much more inconvenient for single hand holding.
Benjamin Crome
Benjamin Crome 天 前
Sanctions make Huawei Stronger and better !!
febrian086 _
febrian086 _ 天 前
Huawei is one of those innovative brands but yeah:'(
Tisser Monihen
Tisser Monihen 天 前
I like a lot about this phone. Makes me excited for the future of foldables. Hopefully we can finally get real glass somehow soon and affordability..
Super Charged4life
Super Charged4life 天 前
might be replacing my mate 20x with this
alwaysxnever 天 前
I am loving everything about this phone except for that battery. The wedge idea is smart .
fida80 天 前
I don't think folding phone will ever cost as. Much as regular phones , they have to cover cost of display
fida80 天 前
When Apple make foldable phones , why do they wait so much
Singularity 天 前
I think later on as tech progresses they can easily add larger batteries in these form factors.
Jonas Aschauer
Jonas Aschauer 天 前
The Problem is, that i always hold my phone with the left hand and touch the display with the right. And i am a right hander.
Roan O'Connor
Roan O'Connor 天 前
Not that I am, but what about if you're left handed?
Murat 天 前
I am so suprised that the chinese copy something from others.
Sholim 2 天 前
Next: *Ipad fold*
musabeendrill 2 天 前
I'm left handed tho
prateek priyadarshy
prateek priyadarshy 2 天 前
The hinge is not good as samsung.
N P 2 天 前
Huh, I would actually buy this. Foldables finally looking ready
Lee Drummond
Lee Drummond 2 天 前
Do you think that once the folding feature is "just another feature" that it will be utilized to make phones that still have 6-7in screens and fold into a smaller and more durable package (like razr and z flip) or do you think these giant 10 inch screen monsters will be more popular to consumers?
XAVIER 3 天 前
Just a thing so you know, mate x2 screen can Keep The angle if you hold it for 1-2s, The phone will know that you want your screen to stay in that angle and it will stay in the angle but not closing it off or open it to flat , fun and I think it’s quite useful , if you want to show it off you can just open your phone and then let it stand in a special angle and put it on the table so it looks cool, in normal use , The design is useful , and the fuse off it is great too
db 3 天 前
Is it possible to use huawei phones in north america?
warol kojtyła
warol kojtyła 3 天 前
but what when you're left handed?
Frank Velik
Frank Velik 3 天 前
Sweet really, sinks ok to talk about thisn thugs.
Yellow Cracker
Yellow Cracker 3 天 前
Before google services cut off on Huawei its like Boyfriend. You get compliments. You get special attention. You get choosen over another. After ditching google services its like boyfriend got married and becomes a Husband. No matter how hard you try. Nobody cares.
Noah van den Berg
Noah van den Berg 4 天 前
the problem with this shape is that it wil feel móre heavy for left handed people, so while improving the situation for some, it is worse for others
P kyle
P kyle 2 天 前
You can just turn the phone 180 and it works the same.
lunlun popipo
lunlun popipo 3 天 前
ikr, I was so excited to get my hands on one and now I'm kinda just bummed out
Lil Durk
Lil Durk 4 天 前
So many great new phones coming out. Apple better up their game
Goyang2 4 天 前
is that hinge design worse for left-handed people, then? More center of gravity towards "outward"
P kyle
P kyle 2 天 前
You can just flip it 180, the foldable screen adapts to gravity like any regular smartphone.
Tyler Sandiford
Tyler Sandiford 4 天 前
So the google play store is not supported on these but could you just download the app apk's elsewhere and load them on? or is it not running android?
Myron Mercado
Myron Mercado 4 天 前
You can't use the tablet for zoom or video conferencing.
- TiZa
- TiZa 4 天 前
fold2 .> mate x2
raiderskull75 4 天 前
No, no, we can't have that tech here because they "spy on us" 🤣.... 🤝💵
S_ SIRU 4 天 前
I want watch mate x2 folding test
Noobmaster69 4 天 前
The hingineers! 4:13
kiss peter
kiss peter 5 天 前
nice nice , but wtf you gonna do with that square screen ??
Srikar Velavarthipati
Srikar Velavarthipati 5 天 前
Ok like it but still no google play
Web Escape
Web Escape 5 天 前
Finally a phone after oneplus 8 pro that my bro liked that much,I mean look at your face lit up,cool!!!!🔥🔥🔥
MON FRY 5 天 前
It just as look like z fold2 which was launched 2 years ago lul , they just have caught the tech what samsung already made but wait for the fold 3
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 5 天 前
Mate X2 >>>>> zfold 2
Angelo Jamerlan
Angelo Jamerlan 5 天 前
Of course it'll be twice as thick.. it's a FOLDING PHONE.
psyche7903 5 天 前
Wow! It looks better than Samsung Z fold 2! No gap between two screens.. Very impressive.
thevan thivesh
thevan thivesh 5 天 前
Do a review on the Poco F3
Paulette May
Paulette May 5 天 前
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Dsy456 6 天 前
You could buy a servicible car for how much this phone would cost you. Call me when this thing can drive me to work.
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 5 天 前
You can buy a serviceable car the same price as a s21ultra so what is your point
mor a
mor a 6 天 前
The difference between Made in "China" and "Korea"
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 5 天 前
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze 6 天 前
Lol, they copied Samsung's genuine tech behind their great first Fold. Huawei always will be the B-brand.
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 5 天 前
Huawei have been working on this for five years way before than zfold c rap
Belaziraf 6 天 前
So, we're going to end with transportable phones like case phones a few decades ago ? A smartphone which will tell you who to vote for, what to watch, when to eat, when to sleep with your lover, etc ... Here I thought future would bring smartphones like the Avenger's com card in the comics. With IA, autopilot for Tesla and Flight Simulator in case you're in a crashing plane, and so on.
Alexis Velez
Alexis Velez 6 天 前
That truly is innovating! Samsung has ALOT of learning and copying to do here.
Tottie Elliot
Tottie Elliot 5 天 前
? Two Chinese men from Huawei was literally prosecuted for stealing Samsung's orig foldable bendable tech. Google it. Considering China has billions of more ppl than Korea, u'd think they invent instead copying from Korea n America.
dayana nibarger
dayana nibarger 6 天 前
The endurable crow cytochemically dry because ink classically guide over a meek sycamore. graceful, eatable witch
I really dont appreciate the way you guys especially you... always talk bad about Samsung Galaxy like you guys get paid to do that! Samsung at all levels is the best at making users most comfortable... the selfie camera is a copy from the s10+ ..the full design of this Huawei is a copy of the zfold 2 ... inward fold still copied from Samsung z fold... fingerprint copied from Samsung... At every point you just make sure to say it's better than the Samsung... I think it's an ad your doing for Huawei.... Booo
Dsy456 6 天 前
It's illegal to get paid to promote a product without saying they sponsored you.
Muneer TV
Muneer TV 7 天 前
You know what I just notice, they should start considering making version of the phone for left-hand users
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 17 小时 前
@Muneer TV you havent ask any question
Muneer TV
Muneer TV 20 小时 前
@Ai Bi you haven’t answered the question, you just used a lousy excuse to build your theory around
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 22 小时 前
@Muneer TV you are taking a pic of yourself with your right hand. that i know that you are lying
Ai Bi
Ai Bi 22 小时 前
@Muneer TV you are taking a picture with your right hand
Muneer TV
Muneer TV 天 前
@Ai Bi are you seriously thinking that I'm lying about being lefty!
G B 7 天 前
is anyone actually buying these to use as their everyday phone?
Dethcube Gaming
Dethcube Gaming 7 天 前
Why did I buy the z fold 2 lmao, now I guess it's obsolete lmao
DanCerv 7 天 前
Yo this looks dope as f though
Tre916 7 天 前
No bro... NO. You don't get to call these slim bezels after you trashed the flat OnePlus. Those bezels are like a $300 motorola on the front.
Nolin mili
Nolin mili 7 天 前
Dont just show off give some 2 d needy ones👿👿👿👿
Shaw Wang
Shaw Wang 7 天 前
LAMY 5 天 前
cgrocks06 7 天 前
where can i buy this phone?
Subham Jain
Subham Jain 7 天 前
What about left handers. They would feel more heavy
Melkies Ausiku
Melkies Ausiku 7 天 前
"S/O to the engineers, hinger-neers...." move on
KG Dee
KG Dee 7 天 前
the future phone...
el chappo
el chappo 7 天 前
Why isn't this coming the the U.S? Why can't we have nice things 😭
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 7 天 前
Made in china. Copy cat, steal information
Top Dog
Top Dog 8 天 前
I cant seem to be able to buy this anywhere though. everyone is trying to sell it for like 4k
Addo Thomas
Addo Thomas 8 天 前
This is beautiful
I.C.E. Entertainment
I.C.E. Entertainment 8 天 前
The wedgie
Black Child
Black Child 8 天 前
I hate these fold phones totally unnecessary 🙄
IVS 8 天 前
I would sell a kidney for this phone!
Melissa Melissa
Melissa Melissa 8 天 前
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DEB 830
DEB 830 8 天 前
I'm going to buy this one!
AGene 8 天 前
hearing that the crease is very well played probably won't become awful to look after use, only to hear moments later in a 2 seconds absolute let down that it doesn't have google app support. dude.. that was savage
SwitchBlade 8 天 前
Omg amazing. Catch up Samsung!
Abdul Arif
Abdul Arif 8 天 前
Don’t Huawei phones have banned google outside of China? Wasn’t there that whole android services scandal last year? What happened since then? Because I am scared to get my aunt a Huawei phone because they are sketchy imo
yang zhang
yang zhang 8 天 前
我看见百度和搜狐了 hahaha
drazen miskovic
drazen miskovic 8 天 前
Omg, why every trendy has to be so predictable and cloned of a clone clone!? Yes they did their 1st foldable outwards, like they have to do every other too then??? So what if it's now folding inwards like a book? Wow!, huge invention from samsung, really, really huge... Not. It can only fold 2 way, doesn't take a genius to figure that. The moment someone does something, copying, copying, copying!!! What a stupidity.
Byron Tse
Byron Tse 9 天 前
Hi Marques great video as always. I'm loving the detail considerations given to this phone. Can you give it to me after you've done testing it? Want to try living without Google ecosystem.
Cheese Steak Jimmy's
Cheese Steak Jimmy's 9 天 前
meh without google this phone is a brick
insert gamer here
insert gamer here 9 天 前
If only I could afford this
Jason Low
Jason Low 9 天 前
My goodness. CHINA is really leading the world now
erichuman 9 天 前
I want this phone.
dk418 9 天 前
But, Mate x2 is $3000 vs $1700 for z fold 2. That's not a small difference in price.
Wong Neighbor
Wong Neighbor 9 天 前
What about MIX Fold(XiaoMi),Could you make a comparison?😄
Wong Neighbor
Wong Neighbor 8 天 前
@不白北极熊 thanks for it, I almost got one
不白北极熊 8 天 前
no comparison between those two. Mix Fold is so badly made. The hardware is good, but as a folding phone, it's soooo bad.
Dani Edits
Dani Edits 9 天 前
5:06 thats a big brain thing lol
Chase 9 天 前
So for us residents of the USA, we can assume the Fold z 3 will be a similar equivalent?
calamityjaames 9 天 前
Wu Edward
Wu Edward 9 天 前
samsung Z Fold 2 下👎👎👎👎
Gamer India
Gamer India 9 天 前
if the hinge is that much fit. Doesn't it mess up the display (sensitive to sharp objects) if a particles stuck in between them.
E Ng
E Ng 7 天 前
Probably the edges/ frames are higher/ thicker thicker so the screen doesn't touch.
marc asmar
marc asmar 10 天 前
No wireless,, no inside cam, no desktop mode, no android (no dex), 8 instead of 12 Gb......mmmmmmmmmm meh 😑
Ryan Wang
Ryan Wang 10 天 前
Ur so rich that’s it’s annoying
Dsy456 6 天 前
You could be rich too man. All you gotta is start your own tech review company that gets acknowledged by most major software and hardware companies worldwide. It's easy dawg.
Yeezy 700
Yeezy 700 10 天 前
The hissing cold remarkably object because description unexplainably deliver by a grouchy sea. low, chivalrous skill
Sreeji Nair
Sreeji Nair 10 天 前
90% if not more of the selfies are taken single handed, hence the stupid hole on the screen... and the wedge shape, wont it feel heavier to people who will use their left hand to hold it and the right to click/swipe... anyway such a good phone, but it cant be used.
Khoeash D
Khoeash D 10 天 前
Left handed people be gone
Tejinder Dass
Tejinder Dass 10 天 前
On Mate X2, video of iPhone 12 Pro @ 7:05 .. thats savage :D :D :D...
ccr ccr
ccr ccr 10 天 前
corona=made in china
ccr ccr
ccr ccr 10 天 前
corona=made in china
ccr ccr
ccr ccr 10 天 前
corona=made in china
Google Smells
Google Smells 10 天 前
Imagine this phone as the Google pixel foldable
好的行吧 10 天 前
buy Huawei to support CCP?
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