Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?

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Marques Brownlee

6 个月 前

The Sony Xperia series is way cooler than any sales numbers indicate!
Xperia 5 ii: amzn.to/2SHTcsR
Xperia 5 ii with headphones: geni.us/mfM164
The Sony sales numbers: sonyreconsidered.com/sony-mobile-earns-practically-0-of-smartphone-markets-profits-in-2019-7053153c4d49
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Followup Account
Followup Account 5 小时 前
Because they've been garbage since the Ericsson separation.
Jem Gabriel Luna
Jem Gabriel Luna 6 小时 前
And here i am, planning to buy the green one and cant find it anywhere! Just online with no warranty.. Bummer
Brad A
Brad A 8 小时 前
I've owned 2 Sony phones in America: the Z3v made for Verizon...amazing, one of the first waterproof phones, and now the xz2 compact. Amazing phone. I hate big phones. You should see the looks I get when I tell people I have a Sony phone, and then show them the features. I'm looking for my next Sony phone!
Tobi Pohan
Tobi Pohan 9 小时 前
Hello mark ass brownly good sir. Will you cover the new xperia mark iii lineup? i do hope so. It looks like the come back of sony that we all have been waiting for
S.J.L Productions
S.J.L Productions 9 小时 前
Damn. This is a good phone
EdoHDpro 11 小时 前
Well they do now! XPERIA 1 iii is here
Paterne Igiraneza
Paterne Igiraneza 11 小时 前
cool phone but is very expensive.
Paterne Igiraneza
Paterne Igiraneza 11 小时 前
dam is cool phone
Nada Radiant
Nada Radiant 12 小时 前
MKBHD : why dont more ppl buy sony xperia? Sony R&D : we made it to last a person lifetime
Gustav Ganziri
Gustav Ganziri 14 小时 前
Cause Huawei Phones are better and Cheaper!
Chris T.
Chris T. 14 小时 前
Do you have the new 2021 phones yet?
Mauro Pac.
Mauro Pac. 18 小时 前
it looks like a tile from an old bus station toilet
Mukesh Goswami
Mukesh Goswami 22 小时 前
Because they are overpriced long rectangles....just make it affordable and a bit smaller on the length wise...like 5.9 display
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 天 前
SONY Xperia 1 III is BORN
Kumarson Shrestha
Kumarson Shrestha 天 前
"I don't want it to die"
Ishak Khazaal
Ishak Khazaal 天 前
I h
Juice M
Juice M 天 前
After the Mk 3 announcement, I might return to the brand after having last used a SonyEricsson
ShiHeiLong LadyZhen
ShiHeiLong LadyZhen 天 前
For me the price
Felix Ludwig
Felix Ludwig 天 前
Another argument against sony phones: Finding a variety of cases will be hard. Getting it repaired will be hard. Find help online will be hard.
Felix Ludwig
Felix Ludwig 天 前
Coming here after the Xperia 1 III was announced. I'm really tempted by this phone, but I'm scared that sony will cancel their phone line like LG did.
Dunkster 420
Dunkster 420 天 前
Are there any pros to using standard mode?
Kel 天 前
Now the xperia 1 iii has 4k oled hdr 120hz display can't wait men 🔥
carnival rust
carnival rust 天 前
you can not explain why people don't buy sony? your title means you are fraud. if you can not just avoid. Don't need to unnecessary talk.
Marco Bozzo
Marco Bozzo 天 前
Is to difficult the system to use
TheCiderFish 天 前
I've wanted to buy a sony for so long, but there is NO buzz what so ever when they release a new one. Last time I went hunting there wasn't any new releases at all and the available models was kind of out dated. But here I am, learning that they actually still make phones. I didn't even know...
Jaime0963 天 前
Love my Sony Xperia XZ Premium its still going great and showing no signs of dying... Great review also, and I'm don't understand why they don't market their phone as much as the ithe tech companies do, like you can't get Sony phones in Australia any more all you see are blech Apple & Samsung
I will prefer sony phone than chinese phone brands😂
Adeeb Hamad
Adeeb Hamad 天 前
I want one but they are kinda on the pricy side
Roy Kirpestein
Roy Kirpestein 天 前
I am waiting for a small powerfull phone as the successor of my XZ1 compact. With a mini jack included. But the Xperia Ace was Japan only. And I don't know if the Xperia Ace II will come to Europe. So it will probably be a Samsung S10e, Note10 (without jack) of the 4g Google Pixel 4a. Apple does have powerful 5" formfactor phones but I don't like ios.
Cody James
Cody James 天 前
Yo Marques! When will the Sony Xperia 5 ii vid come out? (Stupid name btw) Really looking forward to your video.
Andrey Lebedenko
Andrey Lebedenko 天 前
Nearly $1K for the faceless brick with 60Hz display in 2020? Seriously, Sony?!
Lasith Croos
Lasith Croos 天 前
OK MKBHD... Let's talk about Today released new SONY phone :-D (2021.04.14)
Robin Redbreast
Robin Redbreast 天 前
What a lovely review.
Chiranjeev Gorur
Chiranjeev Gorur 天 前
You didn’t mention one thing. They have one of the worst software update cycle.
Mamurai 2 天 前
Next phone is going to be from Sony if I'm honest.
Dahan Ranting Channel
Dahan Ranting Channel 2 天 前
Xperia 1 mark 3 looks very promising
Tyler Trudeau
Tyler Trudeau 2 天 前
Thanks to MB and this video. Sony has now moved up, to owning 0.001% market share! 👏👏👏👏
John Gordon Norris
John Gordon Norris 2 天 前
If the buttons on the bottom are not reversible, I'll never buy one. ie. Back/ reverse etc. To be able to change sides.
Straight shooter answer: they are buying iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. The landscape for other brands with flagship models it's just becoming like a desert...dry as hell.
P 2 天 前
Because Sony Smartphone Life longer .therefore
BeartheChair 2 天 前
They do, in horror movies sponsored by Sony (guess they couldn't get that Apple deal)
Was9no55 2 天 前
If I was into android I would buy it but love iOS but maybe one day I will buy it for watching movies
Passes 2 天 前
How about the front cam selfie clarity???
marc gonzales
marc gonzales 2 天 前
Sony. While the design is well thought out. One of the best smartphone back in the day Now i dont consider and recommend it anymore. They are Expensive. Too many compromises. Specs lag behind other flagship phones, while they are the once leading in terms of specs. Now they are just playing like apple. If they want to be back in the map, produce groundbreaking camera sensors front and back, ramp up their specs. If they are afraid it will canibalize their point and shoot segment, well xiaomi and huawei and samsung already killing it. But Sony rx100 will still sell to enthusiasts and regular consumers, as the lens of a the camera is still far different from smarpthone cameras.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 2 天 前
It sounds like Sony has better things to do and just makes phones for the fun of it.
Eris John Perez
Eris John Perez 2 天 前
Sony products are expensive compare to others.
GaMkuTOpoloWK Intenoize
GaMkuTOpoloWK Intenoize 2 天 前
Xioumi better price than super expansive all SONY
Jesus Zamora
Jesus Zamora 2 天 前
Sony just needs to fire their marketing department and hire you. You'd be better at selling their phones than their entire department.
Catalin-Mihai Vaduva
Catalin-Mihai Vaduva 2 天 前
I have a 4 year old XZ Premium for work and a xperia 1 for personal use. Good quality, a very nice ui with not alot of bloatware.
Kushagra Sharma
Kushagra Sharma 2 天 前
One reason :Sony no longer sells in my country .(It's India.)
90's kiD
90's kiD 2 天 前
Reason being over priced for shitty phones
Alain 87
Alain 87 2 天 前
great phones but the reliability...
sumanth s
sumanth s 2 天 前
Is Sony even competing? Hope they price it competing as nows the time to rise as they did in the camera sector or die like LG. Waiting for tomorrow's launch fingers crossed as a fan.
Pebble Dash
Pebble Dash 2 天 前
People learnt that anything phoney doesn't last long before it breaks and costs a small fortune to fix.
Marco Tiger
Marco Tiger 3 天 前
because they don't sell it here
Amar Raj Jagessar
Amar Raj Jagessar 3 天 前
to big, sony come back with a flagship compact series...
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 3 天 前
Because Sony's phones are too complicated for fast food people. All manual control abilities that not anyone can really understand!
carbohydrate child
carbohydrate child 3 天 前
the button you can set to anything is something i need on every phone plz everyone do this
ileOz Gaming YT
ileOz Gaming YT 3 天 前
But sony do not give up they relesing 1iii(not sure
hill climb racer 2019
hill climb racer 2019 3 天 前
Sony Xperia 2 im using to watch lol still its good camera takes forever to adjust
Typical tactiks
Typical tactiks 3 天 前
Whose here,after @mr.whose the boss ,recommendation.🖐💥
Richard Salvato
Richard Salvato 3 天 前
If they make a proprietary store for games with some exclusives lake playstation do, they can sell more than those fake cinese smartphones IMHO
David Tiffany
David Tiffany 3 天 前
I feel like we are at the point now where our only choices are Samsung or Apple. I was recently looking for a new phone for my wife, every sales man wanted to know what phone we had. "Oneplus? whats that?" I really dig this sony, but to cheap to buy a phone for $950. my oneplus 7 pro 256gb was $264 refurb last year...
pablo Hernandez
pablo Hernandez 3 天 前
remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you all love 💘❤
Tom 3 天 前
"Anyone can build this phone" ?? Let's see you design just one of the billion of logic gates.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 3 天 前
Why don't you review more Sony phones that is a better question.
Emiliano Ferru
Emiliano Ferru 3 天 前
Nokia die. LG die. Soon Sony. Maybe Motorola. We are going towards an oligopoly between Apple and Samsung.
Du bist genial!
Du bist genial! 3 天 前
you forgot crappy sony displays. I bought 3 sonys in 2015-2016, as soon as the display has a little scratch, the whole touchscreen doesnt work anymore and from one second to the other you cannot communicate with anybody anymore. Samsung has no problems with broken displays. This is just crazy bad
Du bist genial!
Du bist genial! 3 天 前
Swaroop TK
Swaroop TK 3 天 前
I agree with your observations. I had Sony Xperia Z1 compact which I loved. It was very smooth and something that would not feel like a brick in my pocket. But yes, after I bought that, I was told the successor was already on its way.. sad because I have many Sony products and know that they can do better
The Swellhead Spur
The Swellhead Spur 3 天 前
I've never had a Samsung phone, never had an iPhone, Sony has always been to the way for me since Sony Ericsson
Steezboy3000 4 天 前
The styling was awful for so long
se7enBC1 4 天 前
Return to Normalcy 2310
Return to Normalcy 2310 4 天 前
Why do you need for Sony to reach out to you? Cant you get the phone when released? You could help too - if you really wanted to.
Nicu Crainic
Nicu Crainic 4 天 前
The answer is simple! They don't want to understands the need and the expectations of the customers! How the holly sh... to produce super sensors and cameras for competitors and to make a mockery camera in your own phones??? It is a suicidal act for your own company. The marketing team also should be blamed for this disaster! If they would have so good camera as the Xiaomi or the Samsung flagships would be a real market hit! acting in this stupid way will undermine their own company interest until will have the faith of the NOKIA company!!!!
Suman Majumder
Suman Majumder 4 天 前
Any news on Sony upcoming smartphons??? I rly Love the brand...and it's products...rly want to buy Sony Phones.
ER 4 天 前
No the real reason people don't buy these phones is because they are not offered at any of the cell phone stores.... how many people buy their phones directly from the manufacturer online.....not many
TheMikenificent 5 天 前
I still have a working Sony Ericsson W880i and I will probably get a Sony on my next upgrade.
Tluangtea Coyg
Tluangtea Coyg 5 天 前
i dont buy this because they stopped marketting in India :(
Fab Coz
Fab Coz 5 天 前
I was in more love with it when it was "sony ericsson" that name shakes my whole body.. 😍
Troy Flaro
Troy Flaro 5 天 前
I dont buy em anymore because I owned 2 Xperias and both of them went black and would not turn on shortly after getting it and Sony wouldn't help unless I paid them $250 without a guarantee that it would be fixed. They should follow LG 😅
black dynamite
black dynamite 4 天 前
@Troy Flaro i get it i once had a galaxy note 7 wich was recalled that phone got really hot for no reason and i once had a iphone 5s wich died on me after half a year the display didnt turn on again it was due to water damage they claimed so i had no warranty it was an expensive fix. But because of my job i get a new samsung device every 2 years and i must say they are good but not better. The s10 im currently using has occasional freezing and slow ups while its memory isnt even full or anything. Oh well good thing there are many choices to make between oems.
Troy Flaro
Troy Flaro 4 天 前
@black dynamite yeah, I remember that back would heat up. I think the screen went dead due to moisture. I mean it's been about 3 years or so but after my experience gets tarnished, it's hard to get me back on board unfortunately.
black dynamite
black dynamite 4 天 前
@Troy Flaro oh jeez i had the xperia play too i forgot about that one lol great handheld for roms mostly but eventually the hinge mechanism broke on me on that one. I had a white one with changable black front. Too bad Sony lost you but the older versions really do not compare to what they offer right now. The z5p had a awefull snapdragon tho wich had overheating issues overall.
Troy Flaro
Troy Flaro 4 天 前
@black dynamite I'm glad you had luck with yours but for me the Xperia Play and Xperia Z and Z5 Premium were all I needed to switch the Samsung. Love Sony as a whole but they lost me with their smart phones.
black dynamite
black dynamite 4 天 前
Ive had the xperia acro s, z1, z2, xa ultra, z5p, xzp and now i have the xperia 1 and i am going to upgrade to the 1iii. None of these phones broke down on me and my mother used my old xperia z1 up untill januari of this year with the same battery in it. She upgraded to a xperia 10ii. What phone did you have that was so faulty if i may ask? Was it the Z5? Ive never had an issue with their phones. And i have been enjoying ip since 2012.
Mellow 5 天 前
i get an ad with marques in a marques brownlee video, nice
bcbr 5 天 前
Sony makes smartphones?
Nikash Amin nikki
Nikash Amin nikki 5 天 前
They should release PS MOBILE GAMING PHONE
Skidanje Kraste
Skidanje Kraste 5 天 前
I am Sony guy, but, Sony nowdays-for 30yrs is average in all aspects. Last Sony buy is Sony 48 tv in 2017....sound bad bad bad, remote c. design bad, softver bad, ram-processor bad... I sad it all. That is last Sony for me and my family. '90 vcr, tv, big stereo sistem.... I know you Sony, sometimes Sony made 5plus stuff but that is not enought. Best mini stereo sistem from' 90 in small components I encounter with incredible sound was Sony. I almost buy Sony phone in '15 but it was grabed from stores and never to return, here....
Delight 5 天 前
1:09 deadmau5 💗
ckng mad
ckng mad 5 天 前
real camera = raw foundation image to step up into editing software phone camera = no further real editing process
Abhirup Das
Abhirup Das 5 天 前
I see good smartphones with unique feature doesn't have any buyers nd like that lg stopped making phones ..... What things i have to see in 2021😔
Dan Adriano
Dan Adriano 5 天 前
6.1M views how many interested people are there. GO SONY!!!🖤🖤🖤 It also have HS POWER CONTROL its same as ROG PHONE 5 BATTERY BYPASS
Musa Afridi
Musa Afridi 6 天 前
I've had Sony phones for a while, even the Razer Phone 2 was built on an Xperia base. Only issue with Sony phones is the price.
yeah boii
yeah boii 6 天 前
This is a review, not a discussion
Bla Mi
Bla Mi 6 天 前
Paul désolé 😊 c'est normal qu'il veuille me tuer
JimJams 6 天 前
great review.
Espen H. Borg
Espen H. Borg 7 天 前
The video helped me decide on what phone to get as the P40 Pro don't support Google Services. Cheers.
Antonio Cunningham
Antonio Cunningham 7 天 前
What do you mean "they didn't have to keep the headphones jack" ? Not having one is a deal breaker for people like myself. ... And these Tech Reviews wonder why so many people blame them for ruining phones...
nice attitude
nice attitude 7 天 前
I used to like sony cellphone most specially the design, but the after sale when it comes to part is the worst, that is why i would never suggest that phone
Kiril Shahamov
Kiril Shahamov 7 天 前
I don't buy them, because my Z1 and Z1compact got the permanent software sad in the span of one week.
Thomas Balle
Thomas Balle 7 天 前
Because they suck. Nothing but trouble with my Sony Experia 1. Poor Antenna Poor Battery life Useless fingerprint scanner Freezes all the time Camera button doesnt always react. The list goes on
LondonUnderground186 7 天 前
No cellphone carrier in North America have it, there's probably a reason...
LondonUnderground186 7 天 前
Because Sony haven't heard about the 5G technology
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 7 天 前
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