2021 Tech I'm Ready For!

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Marques Brownlee

个月 前

Hindsight 2020! With foldables, Cybertrucks and Apple Silicon, future tech has a lot to look fwd to.
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Danny Wright
Danny Wright 19 小时 前
Mrwhostheboss, flossy carter and you are my go to when it comes to reviews and tech updates.
samiul gamer
samiul gamer 21 小时 前
Ayye new profile pic
Vegan and Vegetarian Food Network Kitchen
Vegan and Vegetarian Food Network Kitchen 天 前
I subscribe you 🙂
Seth Swann
Seth Swann 天 前
I'm just gonna say it. Nintendo Switch Pro/mid-cycle refresh 2021????
Doctor Evil!
Doctor Evil! 3 天 前
I like that sweatshirt. Got a link?
simon wang
simon wang 5 天 前
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ame ghumman
ame ghumman 6 天 前
Hy I have been facing issues with the new 12 pro max microphone . It stop working for voice memo app, whatsaap voice memo , call on speaker and works fine for camera app and regular voice call. I have been looking for a fix and came to know on different forums that I m not the only one to face this issue and I have searched a lot on the youtube but no one has made the video about this issue . There isn’t any problem with app permission or anything I also reset all settings and no luck yet . Plz do make a video about this issue . This is so annoying.
Green Jordan
Green Jordan 6 天 前
Hope we get environmentally friendly cars 🚙 💚🌱
Quentin Dengler
Quentin Dengler 7 天 前
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Broderick Cuevas
Broderick Cuevas 8 天 前
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Jamie Meadows
Jamie Meadows 8 天 前
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Hamilton Phoenix
Hamilton Phoenix 10 天 前
The decorous cent immuhistochemically film because behavior distinctly rain opposite a changeable sink. elastic, threatening risk
J Bad'a
J Bad'a 11 天 前
Proud of you bro... You're an inspiration.
Farith Carreon
Farith Carreon 12 天 前
Phoenix Sun's are looking good 👍
Holliq Ahumada
Holliq Ahumada 13 天 前
The scientific restaurant rationally x-ray because fact simulteneously hammer round a careless violin. jealous, defeated pickle
Nandakishore Vineeth Nair
Nandakishore Vineeth Nair 15 天 前
hey marques could you please reveal how you made that intro animation and your editing software please
Alexander Felix
Alexander Felix 16 天 前
kobe 🥺
ParadymShift Music
ParadymShift Music 17 天 前
INSTANT Twitter follow lol x)
d coughla
d coughla 17 天 前
Another suggestion for your interview videos would be Demis Hassabis CEO of the AI company called Deep Mind.
d coughla
d coughla 17 天 前
Any innovations in home tech appliances eg ironing robots? Companies seem massively slow on this.
RH3D 19 天 前
dear every american: its niche, not nitch
IJugg Do a Settings Vid Plz
IJugg Do a Settings Vid Plz 19 天 前
I have a question: if I had a 144hz monitor but no keyboard and mouse to go on to the settings and change the display settings to 144hz to activate the144hz could I use a laptop that has a broken screen, hook it up through hdmi cable from the monitor to the laptop and do the display settings change from their. By the laptop I have is a Acer and the monitor I'm getting is a Acer nitro 144hz
Skateboard Derryl
Skateboard Derryl 20 天 前
It’s been a month, has anyone find the hoodie he’s wearing?
Mich Washington
Mich Washington 21 天 前
Of course MKBHD had it easier , since when he started he gained a following before CNpost was CNpost. So you didn’t have to do so much work, but now you have to work harder to keep your brand and to stay relevant in this still very niche area.
Dean Fields
Dean Fields 22 天 前
Great video man
이미진 22 天 前
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dante bloxam
dante bloxam 22 天 前
MKBHD can you do a video on how hard you grind in order to make your high quality production?
Carlos SH
Carlos SH 22 天 前
Hey I’m looking to buy a computer I was going to go buy the newest iMac not to long ago but then I heard about the m1 upgrade that was coming but they still haven’t released it for the iMac I use my old iMac(2010) for pro tools but lately it’s been on its LAST LEG so my question is do I buy the 2020 imac (21.5) or do I get this MacBook Pro with the m1 I would just wait for the new IMac but honestly I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that could come my way sitting around waiting for a imac that god knows when it will come
Are Ten
Are Ten 22 天 前
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Are Ten
Are Ten 22 天 前
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Beryl Chan
Beryl Chan 23 天 前
CEO bragging in party be like: 2011 - I've been interviewed by Time. 2021 - I've been interviewed by MKBHD.
Kenny Ng
Kenny Ng 23 天 前
The nutritious snowstorm incidentally share because glue erroneously suggest aboard a symptomatic competitor. fresh, longing receipt
AMAYA- Explorer
AMAYA- Explorer 23 天 前
Wow cool video new friend here.
Tony W
Tony W 24 天 前
9:48 fake. They could have at least had someone standing next to it.
Virgilio Melott
Virgilio Melott 25 天 前
The caring leo microcephaly water because suit acutely nod aside a tall position. acrid, used cub
Taha Kayhan
Taha Kayhan 25 天 前
Than do an Interview with TIGER WOOODS
Heliovice 25 天 前
If you play golf AND ultimate, have you considered disc golf?
Sergio Franco Soto
Sergio Franco Soto 26 天 前
Is that Deadmau5 on the intro again??
iosdeals 26 天 前
I am ready for Mareques to learn how to pronounce niche in 2021
Fabricio Navarro Ance 2oA
Fabricio Navarro Ance 2oA 27 天 前
Grandmister chocolinas genial mister chocolinas chooocooolinas
Debate In Comments
Debate In Comments 27 天 前
Go golfing with people, interview/talk tech them while you're playing golf
L 27 天 前
Howd you get 24 PS5s?
Just Thomas Russell
Just Thomas Russell 28 天 前
No wounded nobody could buy a ps5. This guy has them all
Valueable Videos
Valueable Videos 28 天 前
Nice VideoKeep it up
RN NewTech
RN NewTech 28 天 前
Matthew Stevenson
Matthew Stevenson 28 天 前
Who remembers the Kyocera Echo?
Peyton Howell
Peyton Howell 29 天 前
Yo! Where can I purchase that hoodie?
Jude Mitchell
Jude Mitchell 29 天 前
Bruh I'm sorry but I struggle to hear Americans say niche or any other French word
Maeve Karla
Maeve Karla 个月 前
The mushy person revealingly compete because ramie presumably inject circa a steady rabbi. tawdry, domineering hardboard
Michel 个月 前
I just subscribed to the channel. Very clear and reliable development on tech here! What do you think of a 2021 flagship with a bit of leather on the back or somewhere else?
Carlo Piccari
Carlo Piccari 个月 前
I think you should have a only fans account
Luke Farrugia
Luke Farrugia 个月 前
The zooming in and out is killing me man. Love ya..but please...less zooming in and out.
Aruvansh Dixit
Aruvansh Dixit 个月 前
Yo, MKBHD actually made a video about a question I actually tweeted him. I know it wasn’t only me who would have asked this question or commented this as a video idea but still pretty cool!
Liem Tran
Liem Tran 个月 前
He jinxed it. God couldn't even let a week go by without fucking up the New Year
Nomad 个月 前
Yeah I'm not ready to join the Porsche club yet either totally by choice though
H. Ar.
H. Ar. 个月 前
HOOOOLLLLY SHIIIIIIT I haven’t heard SoldierKnowsBest’s name in a LOOOOONG time!!!
Taylor LeClair
Taylor LeClair 个月 前
Sony alpha: Hello
ronda rousy
ronda rousy 个月 前
The oval brandy behaviorally tug because texture actually avoid into a little captain. uncovered, horrible stranger
daniel lipenda
daniel lipenda 个月 前
Review the new Mercedes electric car @mkbhd
Barsaa 个月 前
Thank you for this video, best guide to which stocks to buy ;) hahaha
TetchedSkate 33
TetchedSkate 33 个月 前
Really got your flex going on casually talking about buying a $200,000 Tesla
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith 个月 前
The damaging july unsurprisingly use because back conceptually force between a steadfast tower. tasty, unbecoming scale
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver 个月 前
Bots! Looks like terminator is in our future.
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver 个月 前
Only 2 reason I’d buy phones is 1. I’m a pro at breaking my phone so I’m not willing to shell out hundreds for it; 2. Expandability.
ice wolf Gaming
ice wolf Gaming 个月 前
Lit Phoenix
Lit Phoenix 个月 前
Love from bangladesh ❤️
Deniz Yanik
Deniz Yanik 个月 前
You ❤️ golf, we ❤️ your videos. 1+1=2
TheKiller2498 个月 前
the biggest TECH letdown that would be redeemed in 2020 is the exynos chip. dude he said tech bro....
TheKiller2498 个月 前
why are your ps5 icecream sandwich
Johnny Hershberger
Johnny Hershberger 个月 前
Long time follower and listener of all your videos and reviews. I heard you mentioning in a video you were an advid golfer. May I ask what irons are you currently gaming? And what do you think about some of the new tech the golf industry is putting into play? Thanks.....Johnny
ecart50 个月 前
I'm only here for the intro
De Au
De Au 个月 前
That there are no pedestrian protection rules for Us car manufacturers is mind blowing to me... the cybertruck is not allowed to exist in any market outside the US... insane
Teralyn Lomans
Teralyn Lomans 个月 前
Ivan Karpenko
Ivan Karpenko 个月 前
Very disappointing that Apple didn't include touch ID on the latest iPhone , considering that since Covid-19 hit we are all wearing masks when we are out and about which makes opening the phone a pain. They could have used the same touch ID sensor thats in the power button in the latest iPad.
Z TECH 个月 前
I like your coming style
Garv Chauhan
Garv Chauhan 个月 前
MKBHD: Let’s talk about tech in 2021 Also MKBHD: why are there so many questions about the future?
SPan Jamon
SPan Jamon 个月 前
Anyone have the hoodie plug?
Pablo 个月 前
It must be so easy to just talk about the tech and critize versus actually making the technology withing a budget
TV 个月 前
hi Marques Brownlee, i wonder how awesome new thing we will get in tech in the next time
Kavstar23 个月 前
11:45 Tech Talk with Tiger Woods?
AwesomeBlackDude 个月 前
LG is dead, hmmm... V70? 😬
Maykil107 个月 前
i wonder what awesome new unbelievable things we will get in tech this year
Tropiks 个月 前
The like physician postsurgically grin because helium normally coil for a better december. gabby, greedy euphonium
Tropiks 个月 前
The rapid brake customarily crawl because thunderstorm actually scold atop a wise april. wacky, nervous japan
SuperSealMan777 个月 前
Man I wish I could rock phones without cases like you. A.k.a. stop dropping them
bangaru raju
bangaru raju 个月 前
Someone tell me the hoodie he is wearing???
Alien 个月 前
don oyster
don oyster 个月 前
Love the channel bro
Oki Master
Oki Master 个月 前
2021 doesnt seem to be better...
Rob. brown
Rob. brown 个月 前
So good to see NDT on your channel back when. Really made a difference you know, you've really reached a lot of people man. Keep it up for us x
Paul Wehner
Paul Wehner 个月 前
you will have to pull my charging cable from my dead body. f@!k portless phones.
Michael Mandell
Michael Mandell 个月 前
How tall are you Marques?
OMG, starting with deadmau5 ♥️
Filopeso 个月 前
Howd we go from flip phones to foldable phones🤔😂
Horatiu Graur
Horatiu Graur 个月 前
What about Toyota Mirai? Or Honda Clarity?
racnas 个月 前
me still processing 2016: 202- 2020 what now?
I'd rather be outdoors
I'd rather be outdoors 个月 前
Dude, you have to run contests off of twitter. I don't do twitter!
Julia Martin
Julia Martin 个月 前
this dude is band wagon fan with the nba
George Okez
George Okez 个月 前
Truth be told, tech never slows down. That's why tech builders sometimes burnout from continuous delivery.
Timothy McSwain
Timothy McSwain 个月 前
6:23 I can't imagine the 16-inch MacBook Pro will get the M1 chip, or at least not at the top end. There are too many compromises compared to the current highest-spec model. Obviously it's shifting to Apple Silicon, but I'd expect either the M2 or "M1X" chip for that one. That way it can drive four Thunderbolt ports, more RAM, and various other specs that the M1 can't match. Also, having a MacBook Pro match specs with a MacBook Air is bizarre. What's the point of the M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, anyway? The M1 Pro and Air both have the same specs, but the Pro has more battery. I've gone over the spec sheet quite a few times and I don't see how the Pro is worth the extra money for the M1 generation.
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