Dope Tech: The Biggest Ultrawide Monitor!

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Marques Brownlee

9 个月 前

Giant AirPods. A dual screen laptop. a 49-inch Ultrawide monitor. Dope Tech sometimes has a theme. This one does not.
3x Pods:
Asus Zephyrus Duo:
Samsung Oddysey G9 Ultrawide:
MKBHD Merch:
Video Gear I use:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

Vlad Sviatetskyi
Vlad Sviatetskyi 2 天 前
Those AirPods need a case!
c k-m
c k-m 3 天 前
They should have a right and a left and maybe make the case the sub box for the lack of bass
Samuel Denzel
Samuel Denzel 4 天 前
"It's sorta like this Infinity Void......" *Pauses* *Smiles in Gojo Satoru*
hellslayer 96
hellslayer 96 5 天 前
the monitor needs some height and it needs it fast like next update fast
Shiraz Salahuddin
Shiraz Salahuddin 5 天 前
Iam here from ducky bhai s setup tour
Arusha Anabia
Arusha Anabia 6 天 前
No one can do the Segway to our sponsor as good as me 0:28
Mary G.
Mary G. 6 天 前
OMG, I'm a nurse and I work from home. I need that monitor in my life!
Vihaan Shah
Vihaan Shah 8 天 前
They have noise cancellation when you switch them off
Avish 1
Avish 1 10 天 前
Now I can finally make my girlfriend stop using a vibrator and use that big airpod while blasting music
Heyquentt Limited
Heyquentt Limited 10 天 前
The logo looks illuminati
david hwang
david hwang 11 天 前
Galaxy G9 is perfect for tabling 24 online no limit holdem games.
i cloud
i cloud 13 天 前
i love SAMSUNG
Cromapik 13 天 前
i came here to rest my mind, let my brain flow between great sound quality and resolution plus awesome shots from tech devices. thanks MB!
Judah Tech
Judah Tech 14 天 前
normal people: big AirPod me: *SHOWER HEADS*
Dales Faulkner
Dales Faulkner 15 天 前
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Kaktusschmuser 19 天 前
i think its a joke the head phone holder is in a shity place ^^
Johnny West
Johnny West 19 天 前
WHAT "SHAQ" size? Is that a new word?
Rishi Pranav Ramakrishnan
Rishi Pranav Ramakrishnan 20 天 前
MKBHD cannot beat Linus at the segue game!!!!
Aldon Santo
Aldon Santo 23 天 前
those big airpods are for hulk
Mokshal Shah
Mokshal Shah 24 天 前
I wanted your desktop background for free download but never got one. Wish I had it.
Aariz Bhari
Aariz Bhari 26 天 前
me watching in 2021 the ps5 i got is only $749.95
Axolot _
Axolot _ 26 天 前
comically large airpod
Northrup Kassing
Northrup Kassing 27 天 前
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Ryft 27 天 前
Tumbnail the monitors big
Ryft 27 天 前
Francisco Zarabozo
Francisco Zarabozo 27 天 前
I hate that no ultriwide monitor has at least 2160 pixels vertically, like a regular 4k monitor. I would buy one if it offered at least the resolution of two 4k monitors, but otherwise, any 4k monitor gives me better space/resolution than these ultrawide monitors.
Holliq Ahumada
Holliq Ahumada 28 天 前
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Joy Dunlap
Joy Dunlap 28 天 前
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please leave
please leave 个月 前
The g15 should have display port
please leave
please leave 个月 前
I guess that law suit is going to be 3x bigger as well
please leave
please leave 个月 前
Next video: we give an African elephant some air pods pros
Wilma Barnes
Wilma Barnes 个月 前
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Chicken 个月 前
Broke squad where u at??
Arlene Alvarez
Arlene Alvarez 个月 前
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John Rambo
John Rambo 个月 前
IL the oversized airpod
Frank Silvers
Frank Silvers 个月 前
I don’t get it; why is this channel so popular???
Tristyn Russelo
Tristyn Russelo 个月 前
1000R is 1000 Millimeter radius, or 1 meter (1 yard or 3 feet) America, Lybia and Myanmar. The only 3 countries that do not use metric. A circle with a 1 meter radius would be a circle 2 meters across (diameter).... Seems simple shapes and geometry is lacking in the USA as well.
dan singh
dan singh 个月 前
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hudase nujaopu
hudase nujaopu 个月 前
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Alman1234 个月 前
The G9 is kinda garbage's HDR spec is almost meaningless given it's pitiful excuse for local dimming (like 10 zones in total? just sad) and its response time still doesn't come close to the 1ms advertised. Nevermind the absolutely atrocious amount of overshoot Samsung had to introduce to ratchet the response time down to its real 8ms total response time. Samsung didn't reinvent the VA wheel, it's ass tech and an OLED TV from LG would be a better way to spend the same amount of money by far.
Ricky Greenstreet
Ricky Greenstreet 个月 前
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Araya Hill
Araya Hill 个月 前
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nerv mich nicht
nerv mich nicht 个月 前
If the monitor only had usb c and a light sensor.
Abdulmohaiymin muzzammil
Abdulmohaiymin muzzammil 个月 前
the MKBHD word on the bottom right of the screen gives me anxiety cause it kinda looks the ad indicator. ads in 3,2,1
Utkarsh Verma
Utkarsh Verma 个月 前
When he put pod giant in his ear 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂
Iam Dangalira
Iam Dangalira 个月 前
"Even if you are Shaq's size"
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds 个月 前
That segway into the monitor was so smooth I for real thought it was still part of the laptop for a good 15 seconds!
T I A S M A 个月 前
name of computer please??
Roan Mans
Roan Mans 个月 前
What is that wallpaper on that laptop 6:17
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese 个月 前
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.John3v16
Sujan Neupane
Sujan Neupane 个月 前
i feel so uncomfortable watching that 3xairpods
Wave Rider
Wave Rider 个月 前
I have been using a 65" monitor for the past five years and once you go big you never go back.
David Júnior
David Júnior 个月 前
9:17 Is that a Kurzgesagt video on the left?! Which one🥺😲
Aloha Life
Aloha Life 个月 前
that laptop is incredible
Lewis Roweroberts
Lewis Roweroberts 个月 前
I prolly have the smallest ultra wide at less that 20 inches cuz the top of my monitor is broken. So instead of 16:9 i get 20:9 so its wierd
utkarsh raj
utkarsh raj 个月 前
where can i get the zephyrus wallpaper ?
ItzJjay 个月 前
gimme that wallpaper ples
Dima Sem
Dima Sem 个月 前
Intel i9?! Wow dude, didn't expect that! 6:00
Saharagaming102412 个月 前
no more
Jaylin Gant
Jaylin Gant 个月 前
Ok so you know how the Asus has a second screen that's just a big touch bar I wish they made a separate unit like that but for any computer setup just a touch bar that I could use for whatever on my desk I think that would be dope but they probably don't/won't make them
muse eyob2
muse eyob2 个月 前
Do you watch anime
Robert S
Robert S 个月 前
2:00 Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu
Romio Moirangthem
Romio Moirangthem 个月 前
Want to know the price
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 个月 前
Αλέξανδρος Αρχάγγελος
Αλέξανδρος Αρχάγγελος 个月 前
It is not 1000cm that would have been 10 meters (or about 12 feet), it is in millimeters. So the radius would have been 1 meter, aka the center of that screen's circle is 1m away which is where you most likely will sit when you use it, so at 1m distance this monitor pretty much covers your viewing angle of your eyes perfectly (so the center of the screen will be 1m away from your eyes and the edge will also be 1m away from your eyes)
akhtar razzan
akhtar razzan 个月 前
better than apple "PRO DISPLAY XDR"
Eric Hou
Eric Hou 个月 前
7:50 Wouldn't it be 1000 mm rather than 1000cm? 1000cm is 10m, and at that radius I'd expect the curvature to look very flat...
Ms Tatapong
Ms Tatapong 个月 前
3:43 That transition was epic🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Myung Suk Lee
Myung Suk Lee 个月 前
Honestly I shouldn't be suprised at the super quality at this point but I still am every time tbh
Alex A.
Alex A. 个月 前
nice monitor
obito uchiha
obito uchiha 个月 前
Lohit Speed
Lohit Speed 2 个月 前
03:24 (H)air dryer
Info 2 个月 前
Is there a video review of a vertical touch screen?
Literally no one wants that
Mariin80 2 个月 前
never liked ultrae wide, this is just too much, esp. for gaming but in general also, better have two 27 vertical ones, this one kills my eyes
Yoel Lopez
Yoel Lopez 2 个月 前
Do you need to have your personal laptop open for the monitor to be connected, or are you able to have your personal laptop closed and still be able to be connected to the monitor and work?
You can have both, go to settings.
Glenn Ward
Glenn Ward 2 个月 前
1000 millimeters radius... not centimeters
Sub me and I Will Sub You Back
Sub me and I Will Sub You Back 2 个月 前
First thought on seeing that big airpods I thought they are the most powerful "hair dryer"😅😂
Sive Sikutshwa
Sive Sikutshwa 2 个月 前
That monitor is life 😅😂
Master Techz Mt
Master Techz Mt 2 个月 前
I love your videos
Conrad Biondi
Conrad Biondi 2 个月 前
Wait... them were the real AirPods max...
Tyler Ford
Tyler Ford 2 个月 前
My favorite Dope Tech, is the Samsung Odyssey G9. I have a plan for my future of money/careers. I always been a fan of dope/ quality/premium/ expensive tech. So around a thousand dollar dope curved desktop is something worth buying for!
Mike 2 个月 前
looks like a travel hair dryer
Ryan Oliver Liwag
Ryan Oliver Liwag 2 个月 前
I like the segways nice
Quil N
Quil N 2 个月 前
Can this run 970 gtx? Without gaming. I wanna use it in productivity more on chrome. I have 1 4k plugged in and wanted more
Yes, no reason not to work. Although modern games won't run very well since the 970 is below a bare minimum gpu now.
sh0rtaznant 2 个月 前
3X is probably short for XXXL, i.e. "triple X L"
Safe Moon
Safe Moon 2 个月 前
Where you get the wallepeper? please
James Dolby
James Dolby 2 个月 前
whats the wall paper for the laptop
russo thuga
russo thuga 2 个月 前
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Water Diny
Water Diny 2 个月 前
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SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver 2 个月 前
Hair blowdryer
wiilll wonng
wiilll wonng 2 个月 前
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Sean Castillo
Sean Castillo 2 个月 前
@Marques, you misspelled "Odyssey" in your description :)
Luke Hofer
Luke Hofer 2 个月 前
I think there was a usb c port on the monitor, or else that is not for display
Nick 2 个月 前
Love that laptop, I'm so used to doing stuff on pc with dual monitors that whenever I need to use my laptop out of my house it feels so clunky to be limited to just one monitor. That dual monitor laptop is absolutely perfect to use for work related stuff
TheMightyAkkYleX 2 个月 前
You can turn the monitor vertically I think
Pani ➊
Pani ➊ 2 个月 前
transitions made me think i was watching linus tech tips
GidzBox Box
GidzBox Box 2 个月 前
This is the kind of thing to get when you want to give a gift to someone to already has everything
Susan Carter
Susan Carter 2 个月 前
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ScoriacTears 2 个月 前
3:33 Hair drier pro's.
Renikindi Nishanth
Renikindi Nishanth 2 个月 前
Hi marques thumbs up
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